Voyager 2 test flight after the launch of the early return – China

Voyager 2 flight after launch early return – Beijing Beijing in November 10 Korla Xinhua (reporter Chen Wen) "near space aircraft Guangqi group independently developed Voyager No. 2 (the Haikou Voyager) in late November 9th in Xinjiang Korla Bosten Lake near space base carrying animal test, successful launch. Up to 12 thousand meters high, due to some communication and control system anomalies, "Voyager" number 2, according to the ground command emergency landing, return to the ground. 22:44 on November 9th, the "super bag traveler" No. 2 nearly 40 meters in diameter, filled with helium through precise calculation, carrying a total weight of more than 1 tons of equipment, slow off. The main cabin is equipped with a small life support system, carrying a turtle. According to the plan, Voyager 2 will enter the 20 km altitude above the near space, completed more than 13 near space experiments and tests, including the world dialogue, power systems, avionics, communications equipment, test temperature, wind direction and other data collection. Subsequently, Voyager 2 by releasing helium and gradually decline, and finally return to the ground. Voyager 2 spacecraft after liftoff, KPS test team closely monitored in real time data. When Voyager 2 was launched to an altitude of 12 thousand meters above sea level, the normal communication was suddenly interrupted, the backup system started automatically, and the data showed that part of the communication system and control system could not work properly. Flight test team immediately through the standby system, the Voyager 2 issued an emergency landing instructions, Voyager 2 immediately landed. Technicians rushed to the estimated landing site. It is understood that Voyager 2 launched, the cabin had a collision. Preliminary analysis of the flight test team believes that the system failure may be related to the collision. The exact cause remains to be investigated. The group did not complete all KPS on flight test task expressed regret. Guangqi group co-founder, KPS Science Co chief executive officer of Luan Lynn said, compared with the once successful test flight in New Zealand and rose to near space Voyager 1, Voyager 2 increases with cabin launch, world dialogue, flexible thin film solar cell, power propeller function, test difficulty is increased. She said, in this test, because did not reach the predetermined height, only completed the cabin, carrying off data collection in the world a dialogue and flight experiment, flexible thin film solar cell, power propeller, life support systems and other functions due to failure to meet the preset height, but did not finish the experiment. It’s never easy to open up a whole new field. The exploration of near space is a frontier science research. Flight test belongs to scientific experiment, and all experiments are uncertain. But the flight experience and data, we will be on the next Voyager series design and improvement are of great help, we will continue the exploration of near space, until the completion of the goal of a manned trip. Luan Lynn said the Voyager team has been working on the design and test of Voyager 3, intends to carry out experiments in the next day flight. (end)相关的主题文章: