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Visit foreign trainees "missing" more than 5800 people last year, a record high – Sohu News Reference News Network November 1st foreign media reported that the technology training system to foreigners in Japan last year, missing more than 5803 people, a record high in 5 years, and 15 thousand and 800 people have been missing. According to Taiwan in October 31st when the electronic newspaper quoted Japan’s "Sankei Shimbun" reported that the Japanese Ministry of justice according to statistics, last year the missing skills training up to 5803 people, compared with 4847 years ago more than thousands of people. In terms of country, the most missing is the Chinese people, up to 3116 people, and has been more than two years in a row, followed by Vietnam reached 1705 people, Burma is 336 people. Reported that the majority of these missing people in Japan, illegal residence, the fear of public security in Japan adversely affected. Interns suspected of illegal cases are many, in 2014 the country was reported to 961 people in Japan, is in 2013, the times of 3. Most of the alleged illegal residence, outside activities (part-time, part-time) and other illegal cases accounted for 40% of the total. Reported that the Japanese technical intern system since the implementation of the problem, the majority of enterprises to make use of lower wages of foreign interns to make up for the lack of environmental problems in the work of human hands. The Japanese government has proposed to Congress foreign skills training system and the immigration amendment act of refugee law amendment, including strengthening surveillance by interns enterprises and organizations; the intern position to care for prolonging the residence period. This amendment bill is expected to pass in this congress.相关的主题文章: