Video – Zhang Xiaoming Hongkong youth dream of science and technology and the Chinese dream of flyin-queer as folk

Beijing – VIDEO – Zhang Xiaoming: the Hongkong Youth Science and technology dream life dream and dream Chinese flying Zhang Xiaoming: Hongkong Youth Science and technology dream life dream and dream of flying Chinese [comment] Hongkong youth association was held in September 20th to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the establishment of "People’s Republic of China and Hongkong youth Federation of the twenty-fourth session of the students and the Council inauguration". Hongkong chief executive Liang Zhenying, the Central Government Liaison Office Director Zhang Xiaoming, China Youth Federation Deputy Secretary General Wang Yang, the Central Government Liaison Office Deputy Director Chou Hong, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Commissioner Xiao Ling Tong, deputy director of the Hongkong Basic Law Committee Liang Aishi attended the ceremony. [comment] Liang Zhenying at the scene as the officiating guests witnessed the Hongkong Youth Federation the new session of the council office, he said young people represent the future of society, the diversified development of the concerns of young people has been the focus of government policy, the government through a variety of mainland exchanges experience and internship programs, encourage them to care for the society of Hongkong with the development of the motherland. [over] Hongkong chief executive Liang Zhenying over the past few years, the government continues to increase the allocation of resources, expand the "Mainland Youth Exchange Program" and "youth Internship Scheme from the mainland, let more local young people to the mainland life experience, the experience of national economic and social development. Hongkong Youth Federation has strongly supported the work of the SAR government, have launched the popular mainland internship program each year, through the vast network in the mainland, providing opportunities for about three hundred of the college students in Hongkong, training institutions and enterprises in the mainland. [comment] and the Central Government Liaison Office Director Zhang Xiaoming said that in today’s world, for Chinese proud, for Chinese contemporary youth should feel lucky during the recent Tiangong two missions, as well as the experimental projects in three middle school students in Hongkong to participate in, this proves that the Hongkong Youth Science and technology dream the dream of life, and can China synchronous flying dream. [over] the Central Government Liaison Office Director Zhang Xiaoming more and more after 70, 80 or 90 people have space space took over the baton science test I also particularly pleased to note that during the flight of the Tiangong two included three items from the Hongkong space, sericulture, double pendulum experiment and water this is the award-winning film, high school students in Hongkong in 2015 design competition in space science and technology project, which illustrates the Hongkong Youth Science and technology space dream, dream, dream of life will be synchronized with the China flying dream. Reporter Zheng Xing Hongkong reports相关的主题文章: