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Home-Improvement As the name indicates, business cards are specifically used for business purpose. They possess .pany or individual business information that is why they play a very important role during formal introductions. Sharing business cards during formal introductions is a matter of convenience. The format of a typical business card includes the .pany or providers name, relevant contact information and .pany affiliation with a logo. We are living in a digital age. We have .e a long way in terms of technology. Do you prefer to write letters? No, as you can email. Do you prefer to go to banks? No, you have the option of internet banking. Do you still give out business card for networking? Oh Yes. You still do it; however you dont prefer the business cards in traditional form. A traditional business card is printed with black text on some form of white card stock. In this modern age, where people are so much reputation conscious, no one wants to let his reputation down just because of the use of a traditional business card. Therefore the concept of modernized business cards has some different and advanced aspects of printing and design. UV Coated Business Cards – UV coated business cards are the most preferred one when it .es to modernized business cards. The reason behind it is that they speed up the process of printing, have longer life and are stylish in look. UV coated business cards can be colored either on one or both the sides depending upon ones choice and requirements. Plastic Business Cards – These cards can distinguish your business form your .petitors. There are two types of card stocks on which plastic business card design can be printed- transparent or translucent and solid. There is a slight difference between transparent and solid plastic business cards. Transparent business cards can be printed with one color and on one side only; however, solid plastic business cards can be printed on both the sides in multicolor. Like other business cards, transparent business cards have square corners while solid plastic cards can have rounded corners. Plastic business cards are durable, water resistant and look elegant. These qualities make plastic business cards ideal for business. Matte Finish Business cards – Matte finish business cards have smooth, non glossy appearance and look quite graceful. These cards are applied with an aqueous coating after the .pletion of printing process which makes your business card smoother than the normal printing after matte (dull) finish. Silk Lamination Cards – As the name indicates, these cards are laminated with such material on both the sides, which provides a silky look to them. Silk Lamination cards are waterproof, durable and look very expensive. Door Hangers, Postcards, Letterhead and Brochures – Like business cards, there are UV coated matte finish, silk laminated and spot UV postcards and club flyers too. They are available in different sizes and full color printing. Apart from these there are door hangers, letterhead and brochures too, which get printed on a large scale. There are lots of websites available who provide the printing services for above mentioned business cards. However, a few of them are trustworthy at quality and shipping. Printing with these websites does not put extra burden on you in terms of business card printing as you get good service online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: