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Business In every corporate organization, human resource department need to be there. This human resource departmentneeds to keep track of the performance level of the employees working in the company. Depending on the performance level, the efficiency of an employee as well as the appraisal factor of the employees is decided. On the other hand, the participation of the management department and the associated employees help the company in achieving its business goal. Hence, to maintain productive business structure participation of both the employees as well as the management level is highly essential. However, to do this work in a more efficient way, employee performance tools are nowadays being used. Some of the essential employee performance tools are:- . Employee appraisal Employee appraisal is executed by the direct manager of the company. This tool is used to evaluate the performance level of the employees. This tool includes, objective and a subjective component. The subjective component is used to judge an employees performance level against the basic standard set by the management department such as the number of projects he has completed within the deadline. Objective component refers to the rating system of the management team. The team will rate the performance of the employee based on his contribution in team work. . Self appraisal In this system, the employee will be asked to rate himself based on his efficiency and using qualitative criteria. This criteria will also be used by the management team to judge the employees efficiency. Such process will improve the employees capability if the scores of both the appraisal stand near by. If the scores are not similar, a vehicle is provided by the tool that assists in holding a discussion meeting on the managements assessment and the employees self-perception. . Feedback appraisal tool This tool is used to gather feedback from the managers, peers, and even clients. This appraisal works well when the work culture is healthy enough to carry out honest communication and discussions on employees growth. If the process is poorly executed, obviously you won’t receive the necessary output from this tool. . Management by objective According to this tool, both the employee as well as the management team set business goals and objective annually. These objectives are set keeping in mind the betterment of the company. At the end of the year, the employees final output is compared with the objective he had set at the beginning. If the accomplishment level of the employee various widely with the set goals, the management takes necessary actions that will actually help in boosting up the performance level. However, this method was very popular during 50s age. At present, the scenario has changed. Nowadays, happiness tool is used to cheer up the employees mood. . Balanced scorecard This tool is used to carry out a comparative study between the financial measures of the employees performance, both from the customers point of view and also the internal business process and growth of the employee. It also uses KPI (key performance indicators) to measure the short and long term objectives of the company. It also includes the employees job satisfaction. This is because, these factors do influence to productive development of the business. Apart from these basic tools, recently happiness app is quite popular among corporate culture. This app helps in measurement the employees mood and thus helps the management team to take necessary steps to improve the condition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: