U.S. police raid Houston massage shop Chinese female owner arrested for prostitution-footman

The police raid on Houston massage shop owner involving Chinese female prostitution was arrested a police raid on the original title: Houston massage shop owner involving Chinese female prostitution was arrested in Houston new money laundering agency in October 22, the Houston police raided the northern district this week massage shop a vice establishment, the Chinese female owner engaged in illegal prostitution crime and money laundering transaction is the arrest, authorities from the store found 3 suspected victims of prostitution of young women, and $24 thousand in cash and a lot of designer handbags. According to the Harris County District Attorney’s office and the "Houston Chronicle" news, Wen Ying was 43 years old (Ying, Wen) operating a massage parlor in northern Houston (HanaTopSpa). "Since I became a prosecutor, there are many residents reported prostitution and other illegal activities in the vicinity of Pakistan Mayr area." Harris County District Attorney Anderson · German; (Devon Anderson) said that the law enforcement departments began this week a heavy blow to flourish in this busy road of illegal pornography in the raid the massage shop owners and operators Wen Ying. Authorities believe that the store provide prostitution services to willing customers, the store is also confiscated $24 thousand in cash and a lot of designer handbags. Due to illegal income can not be normal in the bank, so the owner of a large amount of cash on the store or to buy brand-name goods and sold in the form of assets retained. These illegal business operators, but also often become the target of gangs. Wen Ying massage parlors in August this year had been robbed, raped by employees. The Harris County Sheriff’s office officer Tim · (Tim Navarre); he pointed out that a similar incident in other porn massage parlors have also occurred, resulting in the social security situation is getting worse, which is one reason the authorities resolutely crack down on prostitution. The operation, but also found in this massage shop 3 young women, suspected that they are victims of human trafficking and sexual trafficking, the police have been transferred to the relevant agencies, the specific case is still under investigation. "It is clear that these porn sites will continue to emerge until we prosecute and convict the owners." Anderson said, "it’s like a cockroach, we kill one, and then there are 10 jumps out. But we will not stop trying, everyone should have a safe place to live." If convicted, Wen Ying will face up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $10 thousand. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: