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U.S. officials have group speculation: Sino US brief but bloody war map: the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier formation in the South China Sea cruise original title: U.S. military officials group speculation: China and the United States there will be a war "brief but bloody America and Russia and China large-scale war is actually inevitable, this war is very short, but will cause mass casualties." This is the The Pentagon generals in the U.S. Army sensational Association annual meeting made. Russian experts argue that this possibility is not exist". U.S. military action just to get more military spending. Russia’s "Morning News" reported on 7, recently held in Washington, the United States Army Association annual meeting, American generals said that the war with the world powers will be inevitable, no one can stop this disaster. They believe that the possibility of war between the United States and Russia is extremely high. Russia and China continue to improve their conventional forces, and become more and more advanced. The Pentagon is preparing for an armed conflict with russia". Reported that the U.S. generals predicted that the outbreak of war with Russia will be brief and bloody. The United States Army chief of Staff Admiral Mark · Miley believes that large-scale war is inevitable in the future. He said: "it is disturbing to the American military that all countries that pose a threat to the United States are studying our military doctrine, tactics, equipment, organization, training and leadership. They revised their military doctrine, and quickly realized the modernization of the armed forces, in order to circumvent our strengths, in the hope that the United States will be able to defeat in the future." U.S. major general William · Hicks agrees with this view. He said: "in the foreseeable future, any conflict with the use of conventional weapons will be rapid, and cause mass casualties. We can’t stop this conflict as we wish." Allegedly, the new military technology development between Russia and China that U.S. military leaders are worried, "forcing Washington have to prepare for the large-scale war, the military since the end of the Korean War is not met". Russian experts predict this sniff at the The Pentagon. "Moscow Komsomolets" said 7 days, the Russian national "arsenal" magazine editor Victor · Muraho Reeves group said: "the United States generals are completely divorced from reality, their own life in a virtual world. The US military is increasingly populist." He said that the United States generals claim that the use of conventional weapons of conflict may be short-lived argument is untenable. The modern conflict of any American military presence is not short, and any high-tech weapons can not let the United States quickly end the war. Russian military expert Mikhail · Huo Da Lienuoke said, American generals does not conform to the reality, they are trying to scare voters in the United States, to prevent further cuts in military spending, "after all, the more people fear, the more cost will be allocated to the military". * (Liu Yupeng)相关的主题文章: