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U.S. health officials: Zhai card will not be able to control the epidemic in West Hemisphere – current technology new network original title: U.S. health officials warned: Zhai card West hemisphere epidemic cannot be controlled in the prior art in Houston. In October 26, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials held in Florida Miami conference this week warned say, can not control the existing technology Zika virus (Zika) will become the Western Hemisphere epidemic. According to the "Miami times" reported on 26, director of the Thomas CDC? Frieden 25 to participate in the "the Atlantic issue" the conference held in Miami, the grim assessment of the United States government control of Zika virus. He said, "this is the trivial truth: Zika and other diseases from Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, actually cannot use existing technology control. So we’re going to see this as an epidemic in the western hemisphere." Frieden encouraged the mayor and city officials to support the mosquito control work of the Department, improve the public health budget, to the people in the face of imminent threat to strengthen publicity and education. Earlier, CDC has confirmed that the virus can cause pregnancy complications and severe fetal malformations, as well as some adult psychiatric problems. The most obvious is the uterine malformation, can cause rare neonatal microcephaly and brain development deficiency. Since last year, the outbreak has spread to dozens of countries and islands, concentrated in South America, Central America and the caribbean. CDC as the latest statistics show that in October 19th, the continental United States report Zika virus infection in 4016 cases, 27402 cases of overseas territories, involving 49 states and the District of Columbia and 3 territories, including New York and Florida is the hardest hit". Pregnant women account for nearly 9% of all infections in the United states. The Ministry of Health warned that any pregnant women visiting the areas of high incidence of the disease should be tested for hiv. Frieden says the federal government is too slow to respond to emergency public health issues such as. CDC received 14 billion dollars a year for the budget, but congress only allow them to use $2 million 500 thousand to respond to emergency situations, which led to several projects including HIV testing and immunization program, were forced to slash. He pointed out that CDC for the annual budget does not have a wide range of discretion to deal with public health emergencies must seek congressional approval. When the village began to enter the United States earlier this year, CDC asked Congress to approve emergency funding, but before last month’s $1 billion 100 million approved, the dispute between the parties caused a delay of several months. Frieden believes that once the discovery of local spread card, aerial spraying insecticide is the main way to eradicate the virus. Scientists warn that high-rise buildings, such as Miami Beach, and strong sea wind could disrupt spraying operations, and local residents are concerned about the health effects of chemicals in pesticides. "We expect the card to be calm in the continental United States, but there is no guarantee that there will be no more cases, even in winter." Frieden stressed, "we will see some parts of the western hemisphere into an epidemic card, which means that every year will erupt." When in相关的主题文章: