Trump the possibility of withdrawing from the presidential election is zero – International –

Trump: quit the presidential election the possibility of zero – International – Republican presidential candidate Trump in 2005 contains a section of indecency and insulting to women speech before the video was exposed, and caused a great disturbance. According to BBC reports, Trump, 8, made it clear that he would not withdraw from the presidential race, will not let supporters disappointed. Trump said, the possibility of zero withdrawal". British "Guardian" reported that the U.S. Republican heavyweight John – Mccain announced the withdrawal of support for the. Trump in the wake of the scandal made a brief statement of apology said "I was wrong", at the same time that the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary’s husband, former president Bill Clinton’s speech? "Privately without". The Trump scandal immediately caused a storm in the United states. The Hilary team and the top congressional Democrats lambasted, Republican National Committee Chairman Puri Bose, the speaker of the house of Representatives Paul? Ruian and many Republican members of Congress said in a statement that cannot tolerate Trump’s words and deeds. Up to now, at least two incumbent Republican governors and more than and 10 Republican congressmen have called for Mr Trump to withdraw. Trump’s running mate, the Republican vice presidential candidate Mike? Burns said in a statement 8, cannot accept cannot defend Trump past indecency and insulting to women’s remarks, but he welcomed the apology of Trump. [Global Times reporter Xing Xiaojing] (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: