Treasure the mother how to do the winter month sichen

Treasure the mother how to do the winter month maternal confinement has been a matter of concern, postpartum care directly affects the health of mothers, especially in the cold wind howling winter. So, what need winter confinement? 1 keep the indoor air fresh in winter should pay attention to ventilation, even if the cold weather should also be at least 20 minutes a day window ventilation, especially using electricity or coal heating supplies in the room, need regular window ventilation. Open the window when the mother and the child can be transferred to other rooms, the room temperature to rise and then come back. On the indoor ventilation to the mother and baby to another room or cover the quilt, do not let the wind blow directly to the mother and baby, ventilation generally 20 to 30 minutes, one to two times a day. Just pay attention to work and rest 2 delivery of new mothers need proper exercise in the postpartum, ensure the blood circulation. Pay attention to bed combined with appropriate activities, should not go out in the winter, you can choose walking slowly in the bed and the room, and practise some post natal exercises, so as to restore as soon as possible, but also can reduce the occurrence of constipation. To control in 55% ~ 65% relative humidity 3 to maintain the indoor temperature and humidity for the confinement of the general room temperature maintained at 22 to 24 DEG C for good, because it is too cold to let mom and Baby Catch a cold, flu and pneumonia, is also not conducive to the mother body recovery. In the winter when the confinement requires all aspects of care for mother and baby. Please pay attention to more sexual health knowledge, sina Sichuan health official micro channel signal (schealth) or scan the following two-dimensional code [1] 4 to prevent breastfeeding when shoulder joint cold winter cold weather, to the mother to baby when feeding the shoulder joint is easy to cold, leading after falling ill next month. Give your baby the first to maintain the indoor temperature and humidity, as already mentioned, there is that you can buy some special for nursing mothers in nursing service, not only convenient for nursing, not cold shoulder. Or when feeding with a coat, and replace the feeding position, after feeding activities may be appropriate to the shoulder, because each feeding time almost half an hour, kept a pose and indeed may cause suffering from neck pain. 5 confinement with warm water brushing often told some of the elderly maternal confinement don’t brush ourteeth otherwise after the teeth will be affected by surprise". In fact, this is no scientific basis. In fact, mothers should pay more attention to brushing, mouthwash, oral hygiene. Just after the birth of the mother may feel tired, this time can be used salt water, warm water, such as mouthwash. Once the initial recovery of physical strength, able to get out of bed activities, should be restored as soon as possible to brush their teeth, clean mouth dirt. But you should use warm water when brushing your teeth, do not use cold water to use a soft toothbrush toothbrush, so as not to damage the gums. 6, the bath should pay attention to traditional saying that maternal confinement can not take a bath, especially in winter, the best doesn’t touch the water. This is a very wrong idea, because the mother is easy to sweat, coupled with weak postpartum resistance, bacteria are easy to reproduce growth, invasive muscle相关的主题文章: