Tourists say Harbin is forced to play their own project by tour guide do not play and get off the

Tourists say Harbin has been forced to play at their own expense by tour guides: no play, get off the bus, etc. – a travel list provided by Sohu news reporter, Ms. bai. Although it is voluntary participation, but do not play, you must be in the car below 20 degrees Celsius, etc., who can not stand." In February 22nd, Ms. White told the surging news (January 26, 2016) reflect, she and her husband in Heilongjiang of Harbin city tourism by the guide disguised forced to participate in the project at their own expense, a total cost of 1600 yuan. In this regard, the staff of the Harbin Municipal Tourism Bureau said that they have been involved in the investigation, arranging travel agency and Ms. white mediation; travel agency said that they are not forced tourists consumption behavior, because I hope things have been resolved as soon as possible, the white lady back 1000 yuan. The tour guide is not to participate in the recording: in the car outside the Yan’an City white lady, 1 26, she and her husband in Harbin Heilongjiang booked 2 International Travel Agency "hero Yabuli ski tour ridge passion" tickets, a total of 360 yuan. Booking itinerary shows that after arriving in the scenic area, they will be free to move for about two hours, after lunch and skiing for two hours. There are a number of items on the itinerary, but there is a "voluntary participation", and the voluntary consumption should be signed. Ms. White said, unlike the single trip that car shortly after the right of a tour guide (sound) said to the ski resort will arrange four items at their own expense, a person to pay 900 yuan, the guests do not participate in the only waiting to get off, until the afternoon skiing activities began to enter the ski field, there are more than 40 tourists on board at the time. "At that time, I took these words by the tour guide on my mobile phone, but I was forced to delete it." Ms. White said, right to see her video after a very angry, asked her to delete, but she also recorded. In the recording, a woman said: "don’t go to the guests, each station does not have any room, changing the service bus set below the snow, I play people away, people don’t play Pakistan car below, we repeat here is different from the south, not what you have in the lounge, bus here, it’s cold, you don’t go to my Friendliness is conducive to business success., not with your unhappiness, the time is long, he may feel uncomfortable…… You have to buy tickets with me." Ms. white believes that despite the tour guide that voluntary contributions to the tourists, but not to have waited for hours at minus 20 degrees outside the car, most people can not stand, then they had to pay for the project, and did not receive any bill. "It’s fun, but is it okay for our more than 40 year old to play children’s games?"" Ms. White said, four self financed projects including forest small train, mountain cableway, Mara slope, basically are children or young people. Travel agency response: there is no forced consumption of workers in Harbin City Tourism Bureau February 22nd told the surging news, they have been involved in the investigation of Ms. white complaints, and arrange for someone’s travel agency and Ms. white mediation. The staff said, according to the tourism law and other related provisions, the tour guide can recommend items at their own expense to tourists, but tourists must be voluntary, this situation is similar to coercion Ms. White said is not allowed..

游客称哈尔滨遭导游强迫玩自费项目:不玩就下车等-搜狐新闻   投诉人白女士提供的行程单。   “虽说是自愿参与,但不玩就得在零下20℃的车外等,谁也受不了。”2月22日,白女士向澎湃新闻()反映,2016年1月26日,她与丈夫在黑龙江哈尔滨市旅游时遭导游变相强迫参与自费项目,共花费1600多元。   对此,哈尔滨市旅游局工作人员表示,他们已经介入调查,正安排旅行社与白女士调解;旅行社表示,他们并无强迫游客消费行为,因希望事情尽快解决,已向白女士返款1000元。   导游被录音:不参加就在车外等   陕西延安市的白女士介绍,1月26日,她与丈夫在哈尔滨订了两张黑龙江国际旅行社的“亚布力好汉岭激情滑雪一日游”门票,一共360元。订票行程单显示,抵达景区后他们将先自由活动约两小时,吃完午餐后再滑雪两小时。行程单上还有多项自费项目的价格,但在旁边标注有“客人自愿参加”,且自愿消费需签字。   白女士说,与行程单说法不同,上车后不久,导游权某(音)说,到滑雪场后会先安排四个自费项目,一人要交900元左右,不参加的客人只能下车等待,一直到下午滑雪活动开始时才能进入滑雪场,当时车上有四十多名游客。   “当时我用手机拍下了导游说的这些话,但被强迫删除了。”白女士说,权某看到她拍视频后很生气,要求她删除,但她同时录音了。   在录音中,一名女性说:“不去的客人,每一站没有任何休息室,换完雪服大巴车下面集合,玩儿的人我领走,不玩儿的人大巴车下面等,再说一遍我们这里不同于南方,没有什么休息室,就得在大巴车下面等,很冷,和气生财,你不去我不会跟你不愉快,等的时间也漫长,肯定会不舒服……必须跟我买票。”   白女士认为,尽管导游宣称游客自愿缴费参加,但不参加就得在零下20℃的车外等待数小时,一般人都忍受不了,后来他们只好交钱参加项目,且没有收到任何票据。   “玩也罢了,但让我们四十多岁的人玩小孩子游戏合适吗?”白女士说,四个自费项目包括森林小火车、高山索道、马拉爬犁等,基本上都是小孩子或者年轻人玩的。   旅行社回应:不存在强迫消费   哈尔滨市旅游局工作人员2月22日告诉澎湃新闻,他们已介入调查白女士投诉的事件,并安排涉事旅行社与白女士调解。   该工作人员表示,根据旅游法等相关规定,导游可以向游客推荐自费项目,但必须在游客自愿的情况下,类似白女士所说的变相强迫这一情况是不允许的。   黑龙江国际旅行社两名工作人员先后向澎湃新闻表示,权某的确是该旅行社导游,目前他们已经与白女士达成和解,返款1000元,但他们不存在强迫客人消费的情况。其中一工作人员说,游客不参加自费项目就得在车外等待这一情况很普遍,只是这次刚好天气很冷,显得有些不人道,为了让事情尽快得到解决,他们才与白女士和解。   白女士说,目前她只能与旅行社和解,但她希望旅行社能从根本上改变这些行为。相关的主题文章: