Topic what is the objective criterion to evaluate the good or bad of the

Topic: what is the objective standard for evaluating the quality of animation? Although we all have the two thoughts of "the two dimension is perfect," but after all, we still live in reality, so as long as someone is there, there must be war. So far, any topic of topic has often evolved into a century of war with black. So is there a standard that can objectively evaluate the quality of the animation? In today’s topic, let’s talk. [view 1: seeing the results of various lists] is objective, but we can’t split a cartoon into a frame picture, and then go all in to study the details. So, the most important thing is how the work feels for most people. For example, one of the works in 80% people seem to God and when what is the "best animation TOP20" selection, these works are on the list. So, we have a reason to think that it is a very good work. After all, there may be a list of one or two military brush votes, but grab a list to see the work, so it can reflect its objectivity. There are so many works of this kind, such as "dunk high hand", "digital treasure adventure" and other childhood works, almost can not hear the voice of question. If so, it’s basically there, and there’s no technical content. In recent years, the works also include "gate of" "attack of the giant" etc.. Though there may be some controversies, but as long as supporters occupy the overwhelming majority, it is a good choice for those who have not yet touched them. [point two: let’s see if the work has enough connotation and whether the plot is reasonable) now, with the development of technology, many works have been able to enjoy the pleasing effect from the picture effect. So can we think of them as excellent works? There’s still a big question mark here. April – "a". Kaba Nellie, before the launch because the magnificent Promo burst table to give you a feeling of god. Which works after the broadcast, indeed in the picture, people are very perfect. But the ultimate reason is that the plot is not reasonable and the logic is insulting the IQ of the audience. There are many reasons why the plot is not good, but on the whole, a work without connotation and chaos is bound to win the support of anime fans. After all, the plot is attractive, and it’s the reason why we like to see animation after reading it. In fact, the quality of the painting is general, but the case of the plot is not a few. A lot of the black horse works in recent years are exactly the embodiment of this. Whether it’s a previous job! The Lord of the devil, or this year’s "blessing for the beautiful world!" "They don’t win by the style of painting, but when we click on our works, we can immediately be attracted by the story, reaching a point where we can’t stop. If it is possible to go further and reflect on its connotation, it will immediately rise from "excellent" to "classic". Why can the immortal works of Studio Ghibli, it is precisely in line with this request. So, it is very difficult to see people going to black "spirited away" the valley of the wind "and other works, because they do not even go to the extent of black. [view three: disobey the sales volume.) this is mainly for Japanese anime. In this country, the box office, the sale of the plate, and so on, often determine whether the work is a sequel or whether the work can be preserved. Although it seems too "real", it may not be more convincing than sales if you want to objectively evaluate the quality of the work. In general, a new fan of animation Blu ray discs are often priced at seven thousand or eight thousand yen. And the collection of a set of words, at least forty thousand or fifty thousand yen investment. Even in Japan, it’s not a small number. But if in such a situation, still can create a lot of success, then we have no reason to question the good or bad of the work. It’s a very ironic thing, in fact. At present, there are a lot of works on the Internet, and the click rate has even reached the point of horror. But as long as they look at their sales, they can only be described as "pitiful". The typical case "in Sakamoto, what are you doing here? ". Yes, it does attract a lot of people to click, but why don’t everyone want to buy a dish? Say white, it is not good enough! Well, this time will certainly have jumped out the taunt: what "infinite Stratos" no meaning at all, the plot very naive, not sold scary sales? Does it sell less slag than it? But let’s calm down and think about it, isn’t it the kind of work that has been brought about in recent years? The ability to lead the tide is an achievement in itself. Otherwise, after that, there are no more similar works that are stronger than it. Look at the movie box office. Whether you had not love Mr. Shinkai’s works but there is no reason to miss, "your name. ". Why? Because it is now the animation history of Japanese box office second, and is likely to go beyond the "frozen" works of Disney in the Japanese box office. If only can also be said to be ten two billion yen, the strength of powder ashes. But it has reached 10 billion level (much higher than Conan, duer A and nautical king). It has been recognized by the public. This poor box office than those who only have a group of figures, but the day shouting "God" idiotic powder works, is not more convincing? [View four: look at the evaluation of industry experts] Nowadays, the definition of anime fans is relatively wide. People who have seen one or two works can be counted, while those who have been mixed up for decades in the industry can also be anime fans. As a result, the differences in experience between each other will be particularly obvious. Even if it is the sless palace, but if it is the first contact of such a piece of work, it will not be full of the grooves. And if the audience itself is relatively young, plus the watch works is not enough, it is easy to stimulate the eye that works to attract, thus ignore a lot of really good. At this time, if there are industry experts, or senior animation fans on some of the works of Amway, often we should also listen to their views. After all, these experts do not simply say "ah, this work is a good look," but to analyze why it looks good. As a result, it is "reasonable convincing". If their views are in accordance with their own cognition, they will never lose their losses. [viewpoint five: I think it’s OK to watch it, and who will not be objective.] although many objective reasons can be found, but after all, we are still very sensitive to watch the works. Therefore, to be completely objective is simply a matter of Arabian Nights. Even if 100 people say "CLANNAD" is a masterpiece, but I just can’t accept the friends group issuing the story, so I can not buy it? And although there are so many people in the black "sin crown", I think the plot is very reasonable and my appetite, so I don’t think it’s very bad. This is why the selected works are often filled with disputed reasons in the inventory of some individuals. But if we calm down, we might as well consider this question: do you like to watch anime, in order to win the approval of others, or try to get happiness from it? After the imagination, all the struggles, all will disappear… Above from different angles, we talked about the question of "what is the objective standard to evaluate the good or bad of the cartoon". I believe you will have a lot of words to say, right? So I look forward to your answer. And yesterday the topic "why foreign children animation than homemade good-looking" also triggered a lot of anime fans comments. Now let’s see what the representative is. 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