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Network-Marketing When I first started in mlm multilevel marketing I went over many mixed feelings. I was working for myself in construction and had a good .pany, earning good money but something happened…. no one was to blame, the economics of the nation proceeded to go bust, work dried up and I had to make other plans to help support the family and life style So I found a network marketing business and joined my want was to make money quickly, Just because the economy was down the bills still needed to be paid. The problem started to look bad. I was losing control of the situation and of my family life as well. I felt that time was running out. My relationship with my partner and my children was suffering. Most people want to be happy, whatever that means to most people. Well I was no different I wanted more time with my kids, more money, In fact my goal was to earn $20,000 per month. You know the score time freedom with cash to spend. The big dream was lots of fun and no more worries That was the hope that I got from my up line and the MLM businesses that I joined. Online marketing mlm contain just a tad of the old Hype!! People tend to jump from opportunity to opportunity in multilevel marketing I call this MLM power Marketing (moving from .pany to .pany like a power walker) I would suggest that lots of people have joined more than two mlm opportunities’ and maybe why are they not working for you? Why Is Your MLM still not working for you! Could it be that you are… 1) Going after your family and associates. 2) Could it be that you are sick of spending cash on EBooks’ and Internet training that don’t work? 3) Maybe you’re a seminar junkie. 4) Get rich quick chasing the big bucks. 5) You just ran out of time and money. 6) If you could just get a mentor to trust and guide you. 7) Your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend hate MLM and have lost faith in what you are trying to achieve. I could go on. I am telling you this it is not down to you, not your fault; I can say that because I have been in the same position. If you are struggling now in your MLM home based business and feel like your world is caving in, then here are some tips that will help you on your way to success. 1) Don’t think that there is a limited supply. Develop a abundance mentality. You may not feel at this particular moment that there is enough! But there is. You just haven’t found a way yet of tapping into the leads and cash. 2) Think about how you would be if you had made it, then start to brand yourself. You have the power to be whoever you want to be. Build an image in your mind of the type of leader you want to be.e. Find excellent leaders and start to replicate them. This is called duplication of the highest order. Start to create leaders by a leader yourself. if you are going to model somebody pick the best. 3) Don’t panic about the out.e. Don’t get emotional about things that happen to you in your business. Take the attitude of that’s fine. If prospects join your multilevel opportunity or not, that’s fine. 4) You are branding yourself as a leader, so act like one! You will find people will want to follow you. 5) Start to coach yourself daily, listen to CD, Read good positive stuff, Discover courses that have been re.mended by others and finish them. Take Action! You must act! 6) Make sure you set yourself daily goals the night before. Do this and you will save time and generate a lot more cash. Before you retire for the night jut jot down on card 5 tasks you must do the following day. Start at number one and work down the list, not moving from number one until .pleted, number one being the most crucial task. For best results make this practice into a habit. This Idea came from Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill. These kinds of tips are practical and easy to adhere to and will help you get the rewards that you are after. 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