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Tong Dawei is confident with her daughter go looking like a brother and sister – in new network Guangzhou daily news (reporter Huang Anwen Wang Weixuan map) directed by South Korean director An Bingji, Tong Dawei starred in the comedy film "Grandpa Christina 38" will be officially released today. Yesterday, starring Tong Dawei, Pan Binlong and the film came to Guangzhou to meet with the media. In the play, Tong Dawei’s 38 year old daughter and grandchild station DJ accident "drop from the clouds", and triggered a series of hilarious stories. When it comes to love problems, Tong Dawei said, love is a great experience in life, more "has revealed himself in the right age to open the first love". But her daughter is still young, for her discipline is still quite severe. When it comes to relationship with her daughter, Tong Dawei was confident, but said with a smile, and after her daughter walked on the road would like brother and sister ". Talking about the current city life stress, two creative also urged everyone can see this comedy relax decompression. To share with you in the private relief prescription, the two were invariably preferred to sleep. Tong Dawei said: "sleep is the most important, the second is to eat, then to exercise stronger. Usually when the artist leisure time is very small, can only make full use of every minute, for example, on the plane to sleep, exercise is the same, even if the work will do yoga." "Stay adorable butterfly" had no money with Hawick Lau explained "not too strict tutor" Guangzhou daily news (reporter Moss its grid) reporter was informed that the Tianjin satellite TV "Star kitchen assembly" Tonight Show, star chef Hawick Lau full gentleman, street selling tofu, make-up jump "tea picking lights" dance. Completely discard idol burden. Hawick Lau said: "I rarely participated in the variety show, to participate in this program is mainly because Wu brother and brother hu." Hawick Lau on the screen of the image is the most elegant solemn, overbearing high cold, it is hard to imagine the sacrifice image turned "Adorable butterfly", not only your own makeup also devote to the "light" tea dance choreography, red red decorations, back so many years of "idol burden" has long been out of the sky. In addition, in the sale of tofu before the program group asked all the guests to their wallets, Hawick Lau has turned his pocket Kleenex, in an interview he talk frankly: "I have no money, I have no money. Participate in the program with money?" In the face of questioning is not strict tutor, Hawick Lau said: No, no, because I usually work with little money in the body, the habit of the crew is the same. Maybe it’s a habit, just relax." Join the "voice" battle challenge Jeff Chang Dao Lang masterpiece Guangzhou daily news (reporter Ceng Jun) the Oriental TV music challenge program "sounds of nature" battle on Sunday night to sing, between the star and the people become more intense. "Ever-victorious general Karen Mok" has become the biggest target, our challengers were armed to the teeth, it is put relentless: "I want to beat Karen Mok not to lose the myth." At the same time, following the strength to sing Gary, love song prince, Jeff Chang became second"相关的主题文章: