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To strengthen the awareness of information protection, (economic commentary) – Hubei Channel – information protection can not only rely on technical protection and crack down, equally important awareness. We look forward to the means of attack upgrade, also look forward to strengthening the awareness of hacker attacks, ghost haunted, recently, the disclosure of personal information in news reports It is often seen. In many people’s opinion, there is always behind the interests of the chain of information leakage, or sell or fraud. However, the reasons for the disclosure of information, really only improper profit? Recent media reports, personal log in passenger quota management information system, in view of their own information, but others see the application information, including ID number, home address, telephone number, and numerous real content. During the interview, the staff said that the reasons for this situation is not clear, perhaps the system problem. However, even if there is no hacker ghost, even if not deliberately, public information should not bear the risk of being compromised. In the eyes of everyone to sell the information behind the sale of fraud disclosure, in fact, inadvertently leaked information has always been there. For example, in the search engine can search a large number of ID card information, recruitment or enrollment in some institutions on the page, the individual’s name, ID number, phone number, school and other professional content clearly. Prior to this, there have been a large open house records and website mail account information leakage. These information can be found everywhere on the public network, not necessarily due to malicious motives to disclose, but it has a negative impact on the parties. In fact, the protection of information can not rely solely on technical protection and crack down, from the point of view, awareness is equally important. For example, some of the personal information can be found on the public network, some consumers in the enterprise retained personal information, can set a higher query authority? While staying in some education, examination, Yaohao and other public service government website information, it should be given enough attention. The relevant departments should strengthen the protection consciousness of people, the information cannot be regard as unimportant problems to stall, with "system". At present, the fight against information leakage caused by telecommunications fraud has become the consensus of the whole society. However, the degree of protection and awareness of personal information of enterprises and relevant government departments is still insufficient. We look forward to, in the fight against the means to upgrade at the same time, the protection of personal information and awareness of prevention can be strengthened. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 30 August 10 Edition) (week: Tim, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: