Tianjin is required to complete the major hazard unit for the record before the end of March-footman

Tianjin requirements before the end of March the completion of a major dangerous source unit for original title: Tianjin requirements before the end of March to complete the major hazard unit for the record according to the Xinhua News Agency for profound lessons Tianjin port "8 and 12" Ruihai company of dangerous goods warehouse fire explosion accident lessons, Tianjin requirements, units of major hazard city to be completed by the end of March 2016 again identification and classification of the unit, major hazard safety assessment and registration. The office of the Tianjin Municipal People’s government issued the latest "on Further Strengthening the work of supervision and management of hazardous chemicals major hazard sources opinions" stressed that the new renovation and expansion of hazardous chemical construction projects, to be completed in the acceptance of construction projects completed before the classification, identification of major hazard safety assessment and registration filing, and in accordance with the major hazard source unit type, to the area county safety supervision department or the Municipal Transportation Commission, the Municipal Construction Committee, city of industry and Information Technology Commission to apply for registration. In order to strengthen supervision and management, Tianjin will establish and improve safety monitoring and control system, improve control measures. The opinions, major hazard sources shall be equipped with system acquisition and continuous monitoring of temperature and pressure, liquid level, flow, component information, detection alarm device and combustible gas and toxic gas leakage, and have the information transmission, continuous recording, accident warning, information storage and other functions; the first and second grade of major hazard should be have an emergency stop function. The storage time of the recorded electronic data is not less than 30 days; the video surveillance system should be set up in places or facilities where the poisonous substances are stored in the major hazard installations. Opinions stressed that the security video surveillance system of major hazard source units should be before the end of March 2016 and the area county risk monitoring platform chemicals online network, real-time video monitoring, and the implementation of hazardous chemical safety data report system. Editor: the flourishing SN123

天津要求3月底前完成重大危险源单位备案   原标题:天津要求3月底前完成重大危险源单位备案   据新华社电 为深刻吸取天津港“8・12”瑞海公司危险品仓库火灾爆炸事故教训,天津要求,全市重大危险源单位要于2016年3月底前完成对本单位重大危险源的重新辨识分级、安全评估和登记备案。   天津市人民政府办公厅最新印发的《关于进一步加强危险化学品重大危险源监督管理工作的意见》强调,新建、改建和扩建危险化学品建设项目,要在建设项目竣工验收前完成对重大危险源的辨识分级、安全评估和登记建档工作,并按照重大危险源单位类型,向属地区县安全监管部门或市交通运输委、市建委、市工业和信息化委申请登记备案。   为加强监督管理,天津还将建立健全安全监测监控体系,完善控制措施。   意见规定,重大危险源须配备温度、压力、液位、流量、组分等信息的不间断采集和监测系统,以及可燃气体和有毒有害气体泄漏检测报警装置,并具备信息远传、连续记录、事故预警、信息存储等功能;一级、二级重大危险源应具备紧急停车功能。记录的电子数据保存时间不少于30天;重大危险源中储存剧毒物质的场所或者设施,应设置视频监控系统。   意见强调说,重大危险源单位的安全视频监控系统应当在2016年3月底前与属地区县危险化学品在线监控平台联网,实现实时在线视频监控,并实行危险化学品安全数据日报表制度。 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章: