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Thriller "stealing skin love" by netizens expect September 2nd broadcast entertainment Sohu with thriller "stealing skin love" Trailer aired, the horror thriller quickly occupy the hot search list first, causing a lot of love horror film students and friends of the hot film. Even many students have said they want to watch movies in the evening after school. Is not a good bestie, is not a good gay friend waiting for you come to the evening of September 2nd! With the network before the small cost of the horror film full of pornography, absurdity, unsound story, actor over exaggerated performances, "stealing" the love of the skin with the most horrible way to lead you to a world of horror, is worth looking forward to the most recent thriller. After reading the notice, further wait for incoming users in September 2nd thriller determination. White ghost, four female students, into the land of terror occurred one after another the weird story, let Xiaobian gasped. Although now just early autumn, but after a small reading feeling cold in the back. In recent years, the network horror film have increased in quantity, but there is no denying that a fine little. In the end, or because the routine too favorable. Human, schizophrenia, hypnosis and a series of dog blood plot has become almost every horror standard. As a result, love and stimulate fresh young audience will not buy it. In this context, "steal the love of the skin" across the board, attention seems to have become a matter of decency. In the trailer, deep aisle, Wang Budao edge of darkness, fantastic plot development to make love horror thriller friends excited for several days. Look at the wonderful trailer, a lot of friends said that this is the horror film should look like! Some netizens said that this is simply a horror film in the spring! But there are a lot of friends also immersed in the horror thriller plot, many brave male audience to question the trailer: such a terrorist plot, so the scene is how to shoot out? These creative inspiration will not be the writer’s experience! In this regard, some netizens also made a different view: in their view, the fear is just for the line, everyone is not the same as the standard of terror, and everyone’s heart is not the same as the limits of terror. Although such a horrible thing in real life is hard to find, but the drama director group believes that as long as we can see the root of people feel terror, and he will be enlarged. Then I believe this drama will give love horror film the audience impressed, even to the hot weather a little spooky coolness. The heroine, beautiful figure, handsome handsome actor has become the talk of the target audience. For a sophisticated workmanship horror film, the actor from casting to realistic props must be impeccable. But the real love horror film people know, although the plot and style of the film can render the atmosphere of terror, but the actor’s performance to the audience into the film from the real world terrorist atmosphere. This is not a normal horror film actor can show grandiose scare the audience. Very little, small series to understand, see the trailer view.相关的主题文章: