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Three director for project bidding has been down – Politics – original title: three director for project bidding has been down for a project of Beijing Municipal Bureau of encryption of teleconference system, law enforcement supervision platform, general manager of a Beijing company to Zhu Zhou director of bureau of Beijing City, deputy director of a call and Jo bribes totaling 900 thousand yuan. Recently, the reporter was informed that the city intermediate people’s court to bribery sentenced Zhu units fined 500 thousand yuan, sentenced Zhu imprisonment for 10 months, suspended for 1 years. In addition, the reporter learned that a call, Cao and Zhu Zhou in addition to accepting money, also took advantage of his position to accept bribes and the crime of taking bribes, was the second city hospital, Chaoyang Court sentenced to 11 years, 3 years and 6 months and 3 years imprisonment. – Contract Engineering Bureau three accused of bribery, according to the prosecution allegations, Zhu from 2010 to 2014, a contract for the Beijing Municipal Bureau of encrypted television and telephone conference system project, the replacement of urban telephone exchange and supporting system construction projects and the supervision of law enforcement platform project, former deputy director of the Bureau has repeatedly given information and communication service call a, Jo, the Bureau of the Ministry of information technology cable former director Zhou money totaling 900 thousand yuan. March 25, 2015, Zhu was seized. In June 8th this year, the case in the second city court hearing. In the trial, Zhu pleaded guilty in court, said he had no criminal record, social harm small, hope that the court of its discretion of punishment. The court held that the defendant unit to seek illegitimate interests, in violation of the law by a bureau of Beijing City encrypted television telephone conference system project, national staff property, if the circumstances are serious; the defendant Zhu as general manager of the company, the Department of bribery of the specific implementation, should be recognized as competent personnel the unit responsible for the defendant, and the defendant’s behavior had constituted the crime of bribery. In view of Zhu surrendered the facts truthfully confessed the crime, Department of surrender, and repentance, no danger of re crime, no significant adverse impact on the residential community and other circumstances, can according to their sentences, and the use of probation; in addition, Zhu as a unit directly responsible person in charge of the voluntary surrender, truthful account of the facts unit crime, the unit can be identified as surrender. To sum up, the second city court of first instance to guilty of bribery and sentenced the defendant unit fined 500 thousand yuan, sentenced Zhu imprisonment for 10 months, suspended for 1 years. In the case of bribery each say "happy holidays" in 2010, a bureau of Beijing city to do encryption of television and telephone conference system, when he was deputy director of the Department of information and communication of a call led inspection of manufacturers. According to Zhu’s argument, at that time, he was accompanied by an exclusive agent HUAWEI call a visit. The second half of 2010, a call to call HUAWEI’s products are quite good. Soon after, an active call Yuezhumou dinner. Zhu said during the meeting, called a study of HUAWEI products after feeling good, you can consider the use of their products, but want to bid, get some expenses according to the contract 5%. After a call that the project needs to have classified the qualification of the company, "just a company found me.)相关的主题文章: