Thomson Reuters released the list of two Chinese Nobel prediction in listed Sohu Culture Channel

Thomson Reuters released the list of two Chinese Nobel prediction in listed Sohu culture channel according to Thomson Reuters (Thomson Reuters) September 21st news, 2016 citation laureate Award (Citation Laureates) released a list of winners. The 39 winners of this year’s Nobel prize have been predicted by the success of a list of the winners of the list of the winners of the Nobel laureate, which has been pushed back to the top of the list of the top 24 scientific elites. It is worth noting that there are two Chinese scientists who attend. Zhang Feng, a Chinese scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thomson Reuters is to analyze and forecast the annual Nobel prize winner using quantitative data organization. Each year, according to Thomson Reuters will come from the Web of ScienceTM citation database data for quantitative analysis, to determine the Nobel prize in the field (i.e., medicine, physics and chemistry and Economics) the most influential scientific research personnel. These highly influential researchers will be awarded the citation laureate Award "Thomson reuters". The award, which began in 2002 and was awarded the citation Laureate, is also expected to be the most likely to be a Nobel prize this year or soon. By the end of 2015, 39 Nobel laureates have been successfully predicted, known as the "wind vane" of Nobel". Lu Yuming of Chinese University Hong Kong. The visual data for this year Chinese citation Laureate in concern are: a physicist in the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory (LIGO) has a major study of the Ronald? W.P? Dreyfu (Ronald W.P. Drever), Kip Thorne (Kip? S.Thorne) and Weiss (Rainer Weiss) Leonard?, they study the detection of gravitational waves in the dark as possible; physiological medicine, James? Alison (James P. Allison), Geoffrey Bruce (Jeffrey A.? Bluestone) and Craig Thompson (Craig B.? Thompson), their explanation of CD28 and CTLA-4 is how to activate T cells, and Gordon Freeman (at the same time? Gordon J. Freeman (Tasuku), the Shu woo Honjo) and Arlene SHARP (Arlene H.? Sharpe) to clarify the programmed cell death of -1 (PD-1). Can these two research groups that promote the development of cancer immunotherapy; economics, Oliver? "(Olivier J. Blanchard) Chad for its valuable contribution to macro economics, and fluctuations in the economy and employment determinants of famous. In addition, from 2014 onwards, the citation laureate list for third consecutive years, Zhang Feng, Chinese scientists, Chinese scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lu Yuming from Chinese University Hong Kong were selected this year in the field of chemistry citation laureate award winners. Zhang Feng should be in the mouse and human cells.相关的主题文章: