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This trip | Pavilion: and the warmth of public buildings – Sohu tourist line photo tour | roaming and laundry booth — most of the warmth of the public building graphic | old black produced I love walking around, regardless of whether or not the scenic area, but have not been to the place, are willing to spend time to stay. But each walk, always. Roaming around, maybe it’s just a place where you’re tired of going to someone else’s place. In this process, I can enjoy the scenery, see beauty, taste snacks, take pictures, I can slow down, get to know local friends, understand different customs, culture. I like to go to Tengchong, repeatedly into Heshun, every time I go to, the feeling is not the same. There are many places to go, and I found, what actually is not the place to go. Come, ANN, so naturally, and Li Jie, Chen, Huang, Li, and Xie master, wanton play. When it’s sunny, evening, stroll, see king, take pictures, strong crowd face of interest, and casual conversation. If there is a cloudy day, the sun is strong at noon, stopping at the inn, from "love to · Jane Puzhai" across the street to the old Chen Dutch rhyme yuseong exquisite Inn, tea, viewing, and then go out, boast; turn to the old Zhuxi court, or Lao Li’s mid levels villa, zhuaxia plot matters. And formerly known as "Yang Dun", the Ming Dynasty army into town, because there is a river around the village, named "River"; "and later by people with" meaning, "Blair said heshun". According to media data, and the population of more than 6 thousand people, and people living abroad amounted to more than 12 thousand people, Yunnan is a famous hometown of overseas chinese." When you walk around found in around the village and near the village, along the river often have a cornices, surrounded by ventilation Pavilion; Pavilion, the number of root stone into a "well", sometimes is a combination of "well". Often stay in Dali, I have seen a similar phenomenon. Dali Bai stockade, village wells, according to the terrain, water level, water flow through the land along the wells, design, wells, also called the head of wells, two wells, mitsui. Well head Convention: drinking water wells, two wells to wash the dishes, laundry, four Mitsui; Wu Jing, and he, for thousands of years, the convention. In and see those deja vu "well", and I thought "well" as Dali. Just know later, those along the river, the pavilion is built near water, laundry booth, also called rain Pavilion; usually used to washing, washing dishes, shade, party. Earlier, no laundry kiosk. Asked about the reason that the man has been in business and, in a certain age, we must go out to make a living, or easy to be despised. Before going out, to marry the bride, bride is pregnant, men have to follow the "Yi" tradition, go to Burma, so don’t go home. When it comes to "Yi Fang", I think some of the customs mountain home, when young men and women love a woman singing in antiphonal style Teaser; folk songs often sing is forced lover not to go out, don’t go "Yi fang". The song "Yi Fang" bad environment, no hardships and dangers, the dark sky相关的主题文章: