This ear until the end of October to carry out special inspections of network takeaway minimum penal

This ear until the end of October to carry out special inspections of network takeaway minimum penalty of 50 thousand and black takeaway in three steps: 1 Guangzhou two interviewed 3 party network ordering platform 2 line verification of the more than 14 thousand site and 3 stores to carry out special inspections of food safety network ordering Guangzhou daily news   (reporter Weng Shuxian) reporter from the Guangzhou yesterday held a network food safety and integrity management commitment to publicizing signature ceremony to understand Guangzhou, from today to the end of October will force check illegal online ordering shop, line ordering network store, found an illegal punishment a. Strict management: check more than 14 thousand store site according to the survey, in 2012 ~2015 years, foreign selling O2O market size increased from 1 billion 440 million yuan to 44 billion 240 million yuan, an increase of nearly 30 times in 3 years, is expected to exceed 71 billion 580 million yuan next year. More and more network dining takeaway into people’s daily lives. "As a government department, we are happy to see. However, the food safety problem is more and more concerned by consumers and the public." In today’s meeting of the 2016 Guangzhou city food safety network and publicizing integrity management commitment signing ceremony, deputy director of Guangzhou Municipal Food and Drug Administration Pang Qingning said, the Council from the 2015 trial of the mystery buyer sampling, three steps to strengthen network set meal Supervision: the first step: two interviews 3 network ordering platform. In March 2016 April, according to the existing problems of the network of food takeaway two interviews with U.S., hungry, Baidu takeaway 3 online ordering third party platform, supervise the platform of Guangzhou area network ordering shop license, license incomplete processing, offline illegal network ordering shop 457 times. The second step: offline on-site verification of more than 14 thousand stores. Since July this year, the Guangzhou Municipal Food and drug administration law enforcement forces and the organization of the city food and Drug Administration Department of the U.S., hungry, Baidu takeaway platform three on the more than 14 thousand network Guangzhou restaurants one by one line of on-site inspection, the first stage of verification data show that 975 of them are undocumented use certificate, registered address set on the platform with the actual business address does not match, the store has been closed or license expired illegal acts (which may exist in a restaurant in a takeaway platform.). The bureau sent a letter to the hungry, U.S., Baidu takeaway three platforms, the deadline for the 975 does not meet the requirements of the food business network catering service unit to stop providing the third party service platform, do offline processing and handling of a written reply. At the same time, the food and drug regulatory authorities have jurisdiction over the registration of the takeaway informed the above verification, according to the local law to strengthen supervision of the three platforms. The third step: from now until the end of October to carry out special inspections of illegal shop will find a penalty for a. Guangzhou Municipal Food and drug administration department will carry out special inspections of network ordering food safety in the city, with the above 975 to store network ordering for offline processing.相关的主题文章: