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This drink a cup of boiled water can save water is not only necessary for human life, as well as the magical effect of treatment. To prevent and treat the following 9 diseases, no need to see a doctor to take medicine, as long as a cup of boiling water, you can easily solve the problem. 1, heart disease: a glass of water before going to bed if you have a bad heart, you can develop the habit of drinking a glass of water before going to bed, so you can prevent the occurrence of early in the morning, such as angina, myocardial infarction and other diseases. Myocardial infarction and other diseases due to high blood viscosity caused by. When people sleep, due to sweating, body water loss, resulting in reduced blood in the water, blood viscosity is high. However, if you drink a cup of water, can reduce blood viscosity, reduce the risk of heart attack. So a glass of water before going to bed, but a glass of water. 2, early in the morning a cup of plain boiled water stain: many people heard that morning to drink a cup of water is good for health. Some people drink salt water, some people drink honey water, there are people to drink lemonade, in the end what is the best drink? The body after a night of metabolism, body waste needs a strong external help excretion, no sugar and nutrient cold boiled water is the best! If it is sweet or nutrients into the water, and this requires time in the body transformation, can not play the role of the rapid erosion of our body. So, in the morning a cup of boiling water is clear White Detox recipe. 3, cold: drink more water than usual, every time you catch a cold, you will hear the doctor nagging: drink plenty of water!" This is the best prescription for cold patients. Because when people have a fever cold, the body for self-protection function and its response to temperature, then there will be sweating, shortness of breath, skin more water metabolism to speed up the performance, then you need to add a lot of water, the body will have thirst performance. A lot of water not only hanchu and urination, but also conducive to the regulation of body temperature, excretion of bacterial virus. 4, a porridge: "water conservation" those who have stomach trouble, or feel weibushufu, can take porridge "water conservation" measures. Congee temperature above 60 degrees Celsius, the temperature will produce a gelatinization, tender hot Teng Rice porridge that is the entrance, it is very easy to digest, it is suitable for gastrointestinal discomfort people eating. Rice porridge contains large amounts of water, but also can effectively lubricate the intestines, Dangdi harmful substances in the stomach, and smooth them out in vitro. 5, the causes of constipation: drink Dakoutaikou constipation simply have two: one is a stool, lack of water, two intestinal organs such as the excretion of force. The former need to find out the cause of daily drinking water. The latter needs to drink a big gulp, swallowing action faster, so that the water can reach the colon as soon as possible, stimulate peristalsis, promote defecation. Remember, do not sip, so water speed is slow, water is easily absorbed in the stomach, resulting in urine. 6, nausea: salt water vomiting nausea situation is very complex. Sometimes it is a protective reaction to eating bad food. In this case, don’t be afraid to throw up.相关的主题文章: