The Zhejiang Museum of art exhibition Buddhist statues do high specification inspection is a fake.-kamikaze love

The Zhejiang Museum of art exhibition Buddhist statues do high specification inspection is a fake Zhejiang Art Museum "Chinese wind Tibet – China ancient rhyme gold copper Buddha Art Exhibition Poster" original title: Hangzhou officials do high specification of Buddhist statues show is fake [Beijing] time   recently, a number of modern imitation goods is as a national treasure. Stately into the national cultural powerhouse — Zhejiang Art Museum, caused a hot ring. Chen Jianming, west wind and other public works on the Internet on the exhibition of the works questioned. The results of the scientific identification of experts in the United States, was originally seen as a strong evidence of support, but after the Beijing time reporter survey found that the results of the identification was tampered with, turned false true. The industry believes that this is the first near Zhejiang Normal University and Beijing Normal University, fake artifacts donated after the incident, the third national cultural treasure to help capture the heavy. > > the emperor’s life on earth are a collection of many fake? "National treasure", the word many people may have heard for the first time, but in the collection circle is a group of magical existence. Listen to feel very tall, but the real meaning is very ironic, in line with "people is the protection of traditional culture play blind goods", is actually a "group with lower fakes as national treasure". They are extremely persistent and confident about their own collection of ideas, it is said that similar to engage in pyramid schemes". At the same time, they organized and planned exhibitions and forums, set up museums and donated to the state agencies. But even in outsiders seems to be full of sense of responsibility of national groups, but the industry "enemies", but also helpless, hit more. "Han Feng Yun Yun – Chinese ancient bronze statue of Buddha Art Exhibition" exhibition opening ceremony of the "national treasure" to attack? The event originated from an exhibition. Hangzhou G20, Zhejiang Art Museum prepared four exhibition, the "Chinese wind Tibet – China ancient rhyme gold copper Buddha Art Exhibition" is the key, and on the afternoon of August 16th at the Zhejiang Art Museum held a news briefing. It is understood that this exhibition is the first by Li Wei, and in November 13, 2015 500 Buddhist statues and donated to the Mount Putuo Buddhist association. Li Wei and his son Li Shujia is currently the assistant dean of Mount Putuo Buddhist Institute and the dean of the exhibition organizers, is also an important participant. As the exhibition held during the G20, the specification will not be low. The event organized by the China Culture Management Association, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of culture, Mount Putuo Buddhist Association, China heritage fund special fund will protect Buddhist statues of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Zhoushan Municipal Committee and the Management Committee (Public Complaints Bureau), the Zhejiang Art Museum, Mount Putuo Buddhist Institute hosted statues. Important government departments and national key cultural institutions endorsement, everything seems to be so tall. Everything seems to go down along the height of leadership evaluation, social praise parties who would like to become routine, but halfway out of the yaoezi". As one of the few collections special exhibition, the industry naturally given widespread concern. Chen Jianming, a senior researcher at the golden bronze statue of Buddha, is also one of the protagonists of the event, from the Internet to see the activities planned to exhibit the Buddha photos, and did not feel excited and look forward to Kay相关的主题文章: