The Vianor Industrial Grows-7470d

Automobiles The growth of service requirements and high demands of technology within the field of heavy construction machine tyres (in Finnish: renkaat ) has put the unique concept of Vianor on the map for reaching over the standards of customer service. In Finland, Sweden, Norway and Ukraine, the concept of Vianor Industrial is already close to 30 outlets. Particularly in Sweden the Vianor Industrial concept has grown rapidly. There are already 12 fully specialized Vianor outlets and four new Vianor Industrial establishments will open in early 2012. The technical training of the staff in these four service stations has been largely .pleted. The tyre repairing and installation of equipment inventory, and investments are also currently underway, says Vianors product manager of tyres for industrial vehicles, Leif Karlsson. The Vianor Industrial concept will continue to grow elsewhere, because Ukraine is currently negotiating for new outlets. In addition, the concept is being extended in the future, at least in Kazakhstan, and Russia. The tyre chain Vianor and Nokian Heavy Tyres jointly developed the concept of Vianor Industrial for a professional service of heavy duty-tyres. The concept is used in the vertical plane for entrepreneurs and contractors to provide professional solutions utilizing the latest innovations and business models. The strength of the concept is that Vianor improved the ability to be close to customers and understanding the different tyres with anticipation of the needs and to develop new solutions to problems within both the production as on the service side. Cooperation with Nokian Heavy Tyres enables the flow of information and development in an unbroken chain of products between the manufacturer, distributor and end-user, says Vianors marketing manager of heavy tyres, Juha Lehtinen. Trained and expert dealers with special skills are also available to customers in other Vianor outlets, which are constantly consulted and further trained when needed in order to achieve the best possible solutions for the end-user. The Vianor Industrial concept is growing in the future, together with the involved retail outlets. At present the retail outlets in Finland operating within the Vianor Industrial concept are located in Hyvink, Tampere and Ylivieska. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: