The US India military cooperation to help India into weapons trading power or influence Chinese

The US India military cooperation to help India into weapons trading power or influence Chinese Maritime Silk Road Map: 2015 Yudh Abhyas exercises, India military soldiers patrol in the title of the original painting formation Notebook: US India military cooperation to help India into weapons trading powers or affect the maritime Silk Road many media that the US India military cooperation to strengthen the main imaginary enemy is China. Reuters said that this is the United States and China in the Asian region hegemony, the United States and India to strengthen the exchange of a ring. Reported that, in view of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army recently entered the border is now controlled by India, territorial disputes exist, India is actively strengthening the deployment of troops in the border mountains. Japan’s foreign scholars website said that India in recent years around the "aggressive China" cautious, did not make any progress, "so the Modi administration intends to be more confident image of china". The agreement on the exchange of logistics agreements and other agreements can be at least in the India ocean, so that the India navy to maintain the leading edge of the Chinese army. India scholars said, the U.S. placed in India fear will lead to "social unrest", if India and Russia are also involved in the Sino US dispute a disaster, "so in India at the same time to pursue their own interests to avoid a big trouble." Another India security expert pointed out that the signing of the agreement is imperative – if Trump wins the presidential election, will hurt the relationship between India and the United States, so take advantage of the time when the sun is shining." New York Times 29, the United States and India military cooperation forecast more cautious. Reported that, for decades, India has been the leader of the non aligned movement, and he especially in world power alliance, India always shied away from. But after Prime Minister Modi came to power, the government of India began to move closer to the United States in response to the growing power of its regional rival, china. "However, the measures they have announced are largely symbolic, and these measures do not provide much of India’s military capabilities that are not yet available. They did not call for concrete action, such as joint military patrols in the South China Sea, which is claimed by china." Forbes said, with the help of the logistics exchange agreement memorandum, India can buy and use the U.S.’s top technology to upgrade the air force and naval equipment, the pressure against china. The United States will give India access to U.S. defense technology. On the other hand, India also needs a certain degree of domestic cooperation in production, so the logistics exchange memorandum of understanding will help India become a weapon trading country, to sell weapons to the world. An unnamed Chinese military expert told reporters, in addition to the logistics agreement, Carter also said the United States will help India to develop aircraft and aircraft engines, these are China has been missing, the United States for many years on the China embargo. But now the United States to provide support to India, we can see the relationship between the two is very worthy of attention. "Promoting India’s weapons and equipment research and development capabilities, or to strengthen the control of the India ocean, and the maritime Silk Road initiative China impact. In addition, India may also put more pressure on China in the Sino Indian border areas." Military experts Han Xudong 29, "Global Times" reporter said that this is the first time the United States signed a similar agreement, but also the United States allowed to make相关的主题文章: