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The United States arrested "Snowden No. two"   confidential source code or stolen — Guangxi channel — original title: United States arrested "Snowden No. two" confidential source code or stolen, the U.S. government confirmed on 5 August this year, the FBI arrested a U.S. National Security Agency accused the contractor suspected of stealing government highly confidential documents and government property. U.S. media reports, the suspect and the U.S. government has revealed a massive monitoring action Edward Snowden was employed by the same company. To steal confidential documents involved man named Harold Thomas Martin III, 51 years old, living in the United States of Maryland, is the U.S. National Security Agency contractor Booz Alan (original translation of "bybooz Alan – Hamilton) employees. Martin, 5, the U.S. Department of justice released a criminal indictment against the show, was arrested at home in August 27th, Martin. According to the indictment, the investigators found a copy of the text and digital document the U.S. government highly confidential file in the Martin home and car, including 6 copies of "sensitive information", "a series of national security issues is very important". Prosecutors said that if the unauthorized disclosure of these highly confidential documents, the U.S. national security will suffer extremely serious damage. In addition to these confidential documents, the investigators also found that Martin stole a total value of more than $1000 of government property, the latter confessed. Martin first appeared in Maryland, Baltimore in August 29th, is still being held. He was accused of stealing government property and unauthorized removal or storage of highly classified documents two charges. A replica of Snowden? According to The Associated Press, the criminal indictment did not specify the motive of Martin suspected of stealing documents. However, Martin was first exposed the arrests of the "New York Times" reported that Martin might steal "highly confidential computer program developed by the U.S. National Security Agency of the source code, the program is designed to invade countries such as Russia and Iran computer network. The general counsel of the National Security Bureau Glenn Gerstle told the Reuters reporter, serious national security bureau is still evaluating the Martin case caused by secret theft. "I don’t think this is a repeat of the Snowden incident," he said". Liu Xi (Xinhua special feature) (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu)相关的主题文章: