The two stars have become the biggest obstacle to the birth of a regular dream team (video)-zibba

The two stars of the birth of a rule has become the biggest obstacle to dream team NBA’s first super giant Mccann opens the center era because he formulated interference free throw in the strange position Dudu by the end of the summer Olympic Games in Rio, although the U.S. men’s basketball team suffered a tenacious blocking, eventually in the Olympic men’s basketball team in the final defeat of Serbia won the gold medal. And during the Olympics, many American basketball players have accepted the media interview, they think the game is not the opponent biggest challenge, but to adapt to the FIBA rules. Citing the U.S. men’s basketball team guard and Toronto Lori a words: "although some differences in rules, but it is basketball. But the biggest difference is that the NBA offensive goaltending, and FIBA without this rule." The United States team center Jordan in a small FIBA game, we often see the players three shots, not in a moment, but already waiting in the basket of the big bounce of the ball hit the basket already in the air, will direct the ball into the basket. But if the same scene happened in NBA, the result is a whistle, offensive goaltending violation, the goal is invalid, the defender won the opportunity to throw. A similar situation also occurred in the defensive goaltending above, in the FIBA rule, as long as the ball contact the rim, defensive player can touch the ball and interference. But in the NBA rule, only after the cylinder ball left the basket, was only allowed to touch. Let’s take a look at the rules of the FIBA on jamming the ball. First, in the time of shooting, when the ball drops in flight, and on the ring level, offensive or defensive players can not touch the ball. This limit applies only to the following conditions: 1, until the ball has touched the ring; 2, obviously not to touch the ring ball. Two, when the ball touches the ring shooting, offensive or defensive players must not touch the ball or the backboard. Three, if the offense violation: do not score, and the ball is awarded to the opposing team at the free throw line extension throw; if the violation is awarded to the shooting team: 2 points, such as in the 3 point shooting shooting area is sentenced to 3 points. As a success, in the end to throw the ball to re start the game. This rule is still in practice until now, but imagine what would happen if the rules of NBA were the same Since most of the players in the NBA are in good physical condition, if such a rule is put in NBA, it is bound to cause the big players to go under the basket. If there is such a tall O’neal, height, strength, bounce, explosive, IQ big man, then, NBA will become a person of the world. Therefore, the NBA interference ball regulations and FIBA interference ball rules are very different. Two star emperor jointly gave birth to interference with the ball in the above mentioned in the rules of FIBA, it is not difficult to find, whether the interference with the ball, basically is to define whether the ball is hit the rim. In NBA, if the interference is to the ball, the ball is stuck in the basket above to define the cylinder. Therefore, in the case of small Jordan players to participate in the Olympic Games, the training camp is the biggest task to get used to FIBA.相关的主题文章: