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The truth: our constellation Aries flat-share as virgin touch (Figure) Aries is love flat-share Virgo man, and could not help but want to embrace a virgin, and could not help but feel like a virgin, virgin male but have a girlfriend…… The peony Sina constellation 12 love said to the Sina constellation aries as virgin XS flat-share touch LZ Aries girl, home near the city, ready to go, get flat-share house on the Internet, several day around the house, but the landlord at the first house, think that people make flat-share I feel very warm, there is no direct pick, rent. Curious asked the constellation, know that is a virgin man, and then we turn around, back to the house, and asked him how to do the bus back, along the way to chat QQ home. The landlord second days not to move, but did not expect the afternoon received CCN phone that was in the neighborhood, to help me move sitting in a friend’s car, the landlord is first one, then the wedding, then moved for a long time in the past, things on the car, found CCN’s girlfriend came over, Khan has a girlfriend ah, do not know why is there a little lost. Not to mention gossip, 2 days later officially moved in, dad told me to eat lunch at home, but it has 11 points, CCN said what, you go to see a lot of refrigerator hot dishes, eat together, I am embarrassed and then heat dishes into his room to eat the meal, I found CCN’s room is bigger than mine, he moved to the computer room, okay I cheeky, thinking of his girlfriend to move back to my girlfriend, but he did not come, second days did not come, then we eat together in his room, with the Internet, coupling chat. Small things will not say, feel our 2 relationship is a bit ambiguous, his girlfriend to us is 3 people eat together, his girlfriend Taurus, Taurus woman eat particularly fast, eat a few minutes and then quickly into the room, then the 2 of us began to eat and chat. After several days, the landlord may be ovulation, a little estrus, just Taurus woman did not come that day, 11 in the evening I Momocengceng did not go to sleep, endure for a long time to ask CCN a word, that I can touch a hand here, CCN said, and then I felt touch his chest, and then I go to drink a cup of water, and asked for a sentence, that can hold it, CCN was silent for 2 seconds, then I said that I go to bed, then he gave a cry, oh yeah, he is in the Internet, I will hold on the weight behind, for a while CCN, then go to bed, like the old monk meditating, motionless. Then the second day he Taurus female friend, the morning of the third day go, when I was wearing a skirt in the afternoon on the Internet to rub olive oil, your skin is a little dry, and then looked back at CCN, the Internet is boring, I asked CCN, who can hold it, he said, and then I went in behind a hug, he went on to play the game, then I found that CCN like heart a bit faster, heard him ask me, you are not wearing black pants, I whispered embarrassed, how do you know, he said carelessly see, then I think you feel shy embrace!相关的主题文章: