The Sohu homemade screen Fox a beautiful sadomasochistic love to kill three female fox –

The Sohu "homemade screen Fox" a beautiful female Sadomasochism love to kill fox three – Sohu   entertainment; "screen" [Click to view the photo starring fox HD Photo] host Sasa interview starring Luo Yunxi, Liu Xinqi     Sohu (the entertainment news video Zhaotu Xuan hole anti Li Xin) jointly produced by the Sohu video perfect time media web series "screen" Fox 18 held in Beijing on-line conference, Sohu chairman of the board and CEO Zhang Zhaoyang, general manager of Sohu, Sohu Television Center video copyright mark video market promotion center and content operations center senior director Zhang Pingyu, directed by Zhou Haijun and starring Luo Yunxi, Liu Xinqi, Huang Junjie, Wang Zhaoyang, Hao Zejia all attend. "Emotional expression, eye circulation, absorbs the human mind, and no light." Pu Songling created many male fox image in "Strange Tales from Liaozhai", their image is positive, not only good, but also be righteous. "Screen" Fox also has three handsome male and female artist fox, staged a variety of love hate. Screen fox will be on November 21st every Monday, two points in the exclusive broadcast of Sohu video, Gold members can watch more episodes first. "Male fox" concept of suction eye to subvert the traditional human fox love "screen Fox" mainly tells the story of a female artist and Zheng Xuejing into different world pubs in the crevice, accidentally get a royal Xian pen on the screen. Three male fox, are more than adults, Shen Yan Sha Chi Ming white Sheng and black. A strange combination of circumstances they concluded, Zheng Xuejing and his contract, one of the three fox was the fate of the red line tightly tied together. Three with the help of Zheng Xuejing’s life. A fox counter attack, get the "first palace female artist" award at the same time, she also fell into a series of problems brought by the consonance of screen, and the fox footmen were emotional entanglements. Director Zhou Haijun said that the fox was popular since ancient times is the content of this kind of love, IP already has a natural attraction, but in the past the Fox TV drama are women. "Screen" the fox into the male fox, contract, multi angle emotion present net generation students favorite elements, make more rich and diverse classical mythology. Zhou Haijun said, the screen fox to create a mysterious story can not only meet the fantasy audience of love for the unknown event of curiosity, but also for the classic story of ancient literature to inject fresh blood reproduction. Three male and female fox master love to kill four people, fate tied together, have feelings, rough, funny, touching, warm stories with fantasy elements of a lot of things, it is worth looking forward to. Seeing the female fox, the three male and female fox meat artist staged love entanglement also let people find everything fresh and new. Compared with similar IP screen in "Fox" did not tell the story of how, but only the fearless of death for a just cause for justice, love the main line, the subversion of the traditional human fox fell in love, is another breakthrough on the fox series. Three "Fox" high cold will "each one has its own merits Daimeng up sister Luo Yunxi Huang Junjie dressed in white and red fox, Wang Zhaoyang’s black costume is very distinctive, and the three is the fox’s character相关的主题文章: