The Shenhua fans by Jiangsu fans crazy brawl was hit by reduction of fans

The Shenhua fans by Jiangsu fans crazy brawl was hit by Jiangsu fans to restore a group of fans crazy fans in Shanghai Chinese football scandal to grab the headlines on the day before yesterday evening, Jiangsu Suning in the FA Cup semi-final second leg home court 1 – 0 victory over Shanghai Shenhua, Suning group of fans before a suspected Shenhua fans of video has become a hot spot. Yesterday, not only in Hangzhou Greentown Sunday against Jiangsu Suning the Ou mentioned before the security meeting, foreign media have also expressed concern. What happened then? "Throw on my egg no 100 also has 80" according to leaked online video, a suspected Shenhua fans Suning group of fans in Nanjing Olympic sports center. The Shenhua fans fell on the ground, a lot of fans Suning to him and what his cuff and kick, bash head, the Shenhua fans only curled up with both hands to protect your head on the ground, surrounded by the broken egg. In the process, some of the fans on the edge of the cheers. Beaten the Shenhua fans network called "Lei Xiaojian". He recalled that he and a few friends a total of five people the day before yesterday at around 6 to 20 stands near the Olympic sports center. Then with a basket of egg fans in Jiangsu found the 5 Shenhua fans, just pick up the egg at the Shenhua fans, "ray Xiaojian" in picking up the glasses by Jiangsu fans kick fell to the ground, then was hit. There are fans on the Internet said Suning is the Shenhua fans held banners and provocation, "ray Xiaojian" said that he was the only Shenhua element is a backpack, "see around Suning fans, I did not dare to speak. There are no 100 eggs on my body and 80." Then the "thunder Xiaojian" alarm, and went to the hospital for medical clearance. Although the details are still under investigation in this group, but the video has aroused extensive attention. Fans have no choice but to say: Chinese football has been unable to rush out of Asia, Chinese fans are easily out of asia." The Portuguese media in the relevant reports with more than Suning fans beat a Shenhua fans of video, and commented: "Chinese football in high speed development, even if the football game is wonderful, but there are also a dirty. China Football Super League has introduced a lot of famous coaches and players from Europe and South America, but the worst problem is the hooliganism." A foreign media, said: more than wearing a shirt in Jiangsu Suning people on a Shanghai fan beaten, this is a shocking video, this behavior is terrible." The night before the FA Cup semi-final, Suning fans also played the insulting banner, Shanghai Shenhua club this protest: "inside and outside the field, some things happen, is essentially different from the malignant event, Shenhua fans alone by Jiangsu fans hit the game now, fans were injured had been reported to the hospital inspection, the police are doing further investigation; on the banner, this happened on the court, whether it’s security division serious dereliction of duty, we can make a judgment." Hot news: Shanghai new wheel rail intersection相关的主题文章: