The Phenomenal Big Brother

Travel-and-Leisure The success of the sensational television reality show "Big Brother" has be.e so popular in Netherlands that it has finally hit Sweden in 2000. It is produced by Endemol, a television production .pany based in Netherlands. The Big Brother Sweden edition can be viewed in Sweden’s Kanal 5. The Big brother TV series is a reality show where a group of people with different personalities live in a house for three months isolated from the outside world. The participants are called housemates and they are constantly monitored by cameras and microphones all the time. The goal of each housemate is to win the prices and avoid eviction from the big brother house. The idea of the show is to provide an opportunity for analysis on individual behavior and responses when they are out of their .fort zone. The BB Netherlands and Big Brother Sweden first season housed the participants in a house that provides basic amenities. Luxury items were forbidden in order to add a survivor element to the show. Each housemate has individual duties to do the housework and house maintenance. Specific task are .municated to each participant privately by the unseen Big Brother. The tasks are given to each housemate to determine their abilities and skills as well as their interpersonal approach with other participants. For 5 straight years (2000 to 2005), the Big Brother Sweden reality show has continued to rank top in television show ratings. In 2006, Big Brother Sweden merged with BB Norway. The success of the reality show attracted many television .panies from different countries around the world. The result – it goes global with many countries having their own version of the BB show. The region or countries showing the BB series are .herlands, Sweden, Albania, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, India, Italy, Australia, Spain, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom and the United States. Each county or Region have their specific format for their big brother series but are mostly patterned to the original BB Show in .herlands and Sweden. Now, it has already branched out for Special Editions. These are the Celebrity Big Brother series, all-stars, Teen, Try out and many more. The success of Big Brother has made new reality shows patterned to it. The shows are: Back to Reality, The Bar, Vanity Lair, I’m a Celebrity…Get me out of here, Occupation double and Unanimous. The unique elements of the show have caught many viewers attention making it one of the most popular television programs around the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: