The peak passenger flow of railway station today is the ticket should go to the station

Today welcomed the peak passenger flow   train station; tickets to advance to the station to take the subway – Hubei channel — original title: welcome this peak today to the train station, tourist flow, visiting relatives, business flow superimposed train station will usher in the peak, Wuchang, Wuhan, the three largest train station in Hankou today is expected to about 250 thousand passengers. With the diversification of ticketing methods, the proportion of passengers who choose to use 12306 websites or 12306 mobile clients to buy tickets can reach more than 80% during the holidays. According to statistics, as of 15 o’clock yesterday, Wuchang Railway Station in September 30th, 81 thousand tickets were not taken, on October 1st the day there are 86 thousand tickets not taken; WuHan Railway Station in September 30th, 65 thousand tickets were not taken, on October 1st the same day there are 69 thousand tickets not taken. The station reminds that during the festival, the passenger flow of the major railway stations will increase, and the queuing of the ticket taking and security inspection will appear. Remind passengers to advance to the nearest train ticket selling point or station in exchange for tickets, to avoid driving on the day centralized arrival, change tickets, delay travel. Wuchang Railway Station, Xu Fang said that during the holidays, the city traffic will be very congested, it is recommended that people take the train to fully reserve time, as far as possible to choose subway travel, so as not to delay the ride. (reporter Chen Yongquan correspondent Zhong Ming) (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Zhang Jun) 火车站今迎客流高峰 取票要提前去车站尽量坐地铁–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:火车站今迎客流高峰   今日起,旅游流、探亲流、商务流叠加,火车站将迎来客流高峰,武昌、武汉、汉口三大火车站预计今日将发送旅客25万人左右。   随着购票方式的多样化,选择使用12306网站或者12306手机客户端购票的旅客比例在节假日期间能够达到80%以上。据统计,截至昨日15时,武昌火车站9月30日有8.1万张车票未取,10月1日当天尚有8.6万张车票未取;武汉火车站9月30日有6.5万张车票未取,10月1日当天尚有6.9万张车票未取。   车站提醒,节日期间,各大火车站的客流将增加,取票、安检进站都将出现排队。提醒旅客提前到就近的火车票代售点或车站换取车票,避免开车当日集中到站换票耽误行程。   武昌火车站值班站长徐芳说,假期期间,市内交通将非常拥堵,建议市民乘坐火车时要充分预留时间,尽量选择地铁出行,以免耽误乘车。(记者陈永权 通讯员钟明) (责编:张沛、张隽)相关的主题文章: