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The nose is a window of disease – nose like human health Sohu all the viscera of the window, and the outside world is interlinked directly, TCM clearly pointed out: "the lung opens into the nose". And the viscera is a unified whole, so the nasal and the viscera linked. Many pathogens invade the human body, the first hit in the nose, can many lesions through abnormal changes to the disintegration of the nose. To breathe air through the nose to this pathway; to pronunciation, cannot do without resonance to the nasal cavity; scents, this task has nothing except the nasal organs can bear. These three functions reflect the "window" of the nasal cavity". At the same time serving the health of the body, the role of the nose is also open to the window of the invasion of various pathogenic factors. Coupled with the heating temperature function of the nasal cavity, the air O DEG C is heated to 36 DEG C in the cold air through the L / 4 seconds will be able to instantly, to ensure appropriate air supply to the body, but also for a variety of bacteria, virus survival for hotbed, create the conditions, make green influenzae, pneumococcus, Streptococcus coli, Staphylococcus, diphtheria and so to "settle down here". Usually, hold the nose "gate", can block into some virulence factors; adsorption of nasal mucosa, can absorb some pathogenic factors; cough and sneeze initiative, to get rid of some pathogenic factors in the nasal cavity; some "lysozyme" dissolution, can melt some pathogenic factors; nasal olfactory function smell and hide, to avoid the intrusion of pathogenic factors. The organization’s tight defense line, blocking the invasion of most of the disease, so the general situation, the window is also more security. The results of a study of French experts pointed out that due to the nasal cavity brought against the social and natural environment changes people by their smell of survival ability, the emergence of new food degradation and serious air pollution caused by factors such as the olfactory genes in the body 72% has been or is loss of the original function, the human sense of smell will face serious the failure state of the nose, will become a "decoration". Any part of the nasal defense system is a problem, it will reduce its ability to defend a variety of pathogenic factors, a variety of diseases will follow. As a result of continuous sneezing, runny nose, not only to consider, allergic rhinitis, about 60% are caused by fungi. The usual flow of mucus or purulent mucus runny, should be considered as rhinitis or sinusitis; such as repeated blood nose and ear fullness, hearing loss, unexplained migraine, to guard against nasopharyngeal carcinoma; such as nasal bleeding, and nasal congestion, nasal odor, should think of the possibility of nasal tumor the easy; such as nasal bleeding, but not easy to stop, more bleeding disorders such as alarms; on both sides of the nose by congestion? Pimples? Abscess nodules gradually development?, is likely to be "red nose". There are some surface disease does not seem in the nose, and is actually very tight and nasal contact: such as otitis media, it is mostly caused by the bacteria in the nasal middle ear; many people often boil, surprised is nasal staphylococci. In 1947, a special study physician Harbert confirmed: pathogenic bacteria boils, nine to 90%!相关的主题文章: