The ninth Zuodaihui held in November 30th the oldest 101 years represent culture hyuna

The ninth Zuodaihui held in November 30th   the oldest 101 years old, on behalf of culture — November 28 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Chen Yuan) "this is the literary circles for a five year event. A total of 987 representatives, representatives of the oldest 101 years old, is a Sichuan writer, Mr. Ma shitu." At 10 this morning, the press office of the State Council Information Office held a press conference, He Jianming, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association attended the conference and introduced the situation of the Chinese Writers Association of the Ninth National congress. In addition, the writer Liu Zhenyun, Cao Wenxuan as a guest, the scene to share their views on the Chinese literature to the world, the rights and interests of Chinese writers and other topics of view. According to reports, the Ninth National Congress of the Chinese Writers Association will be held in Beijing in November 30th. He Jianming introduces ninth new features: Zuodaihui age biggest 101 years represent the network writers to increase the proportion of the conference, where the first of the eighth time since Ming Zuodaihui held, especially the party’s eighteen and general secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Forum on literature and art since the China literary circles appeared a series of new weather, new changes the introduction: Literature seriously study and implement the General Secretary Xi an important speech and the spirit of the Central Committee on the work of a series of important deployment, the implementation of the "CPC Central Committee on the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art opinion" comprehensive, literary career has shown a gratifying scene thriving and flourishing. Chinese Writers Association and each group member units to actively carry out extensive and lasting "deeply rooted people’s life, the theme of practical activities, a large number of passion towards the vast world, feel the pulse of the times. He noted that in the party’s eighteen big victory is held, "Chinese Shuhuai dream", to commemorate the 70 anniversary of victory, the 95 anniversary of the founding of the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army, a major theme in the creation of the emergence of a large number of praise theme, full of positive energy, and are excellent works of the readers favorite. China writers have great vitality release, masterpieces scene, concept, theme, style, colorful, style, type, form, techniques of flowers have put. At the same time, China writer has won various international awards, including the Mo Yan won the Nobel prize for literature, Cao Wenxuan won the Andersen prize, Liu Zhenyun won the highest honor award of the Egyptian culture, Liu Cixin won the Hugo prize for literature Chinese proves that the world literature is becoming more and more important creative force. He Jianming also introduced the Zuodaihui theme, participants and agenda. "This will Zuodaihui period of four days, the party and state leaders will attend the opening ceremony, there are thousands of writers and literary workers to participate in the general assembly, we have invited the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan as well as overseas Chinese writers to participate in this event writer friend. The theme of the Congress is to hold high the great banner of socialism China, in-depth study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, summarize the writers of the eight Congress of the work, analysis of the new situation and new tasks facing the literary career development plan in the next five years, the reform of the writers’ association. Modify the association constitution, the election of the new session of the CWA)相关的主题文章: