The new script QianZiWen premiere and expert seminar held in Beijing School – Sohu

"The new script QianZiWen" premiere and expert seminar held in Beijing – Sohu read the morning of September 28, 2016, "technology — between" new "QianZiWen calligraphy book launching ceremony cum expert seminar held in Han Fen Lou Museum of art press. This activity by the Commercial Press, Hanfen Building Museum of art, the Institute for Chinese culture spread culture promotion association, CO sponsored by the Shaanxi Normal University Academy of Fine Arts, northwest health Printing Co. Ltd, Shaanxi Tong treasurer tea culture communication company limited. The conference invited the Peking University Institute for advanced studies in humanities world religions and universal ethics center director Professor Yang Xusheng, director of the Shaanxi Normal University history department Professor Gao as academic director, writer, editor, Chinese famous contemporary calligrapher Zhou Ming, Chinese news photography association president, people’s daily editor in chief Yu Ning, former deputy editor in chief, Guangming Daily Deputy calligrapher Lu Zhun, famous dream expert Hu Wenbin, the former party secretary of the Federation of Beijing, the writer Zhao Jinjiu, the famous scholar Ren Dayuan, Zheng Gong, Wang Zijin, Fang Jing, Chen Weisheng, Shen Qiao attended the seminar. The commercial press editor Li Zhichu presided over the Taiyuan branch. From the Commercial Press published "the new script" QianZiWen Shaanxi Normal University scholar, calligrapher finepowder on long-term thinking and practice of a new book Chinese book. Experts and scholars generally believe that the art of calligraphy has insignificant China script to accurately grasp the aesthetic trend of the field. Expand the aesthetic pattern of script art, aesthetics of art will script from the past closed, introverted aesthetic, gradually towards the open, multi-dimensional aesthetic orientation of "skill almost on the road, road near." the realm of art, is the field of contemporary calligraphy is a Chinese rich book the theory foundation, and monographs of the traditional inheritance and innovation of calligraphy.相关的主题文章: