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The new generation of power list? Huya awarded "the most commercial value of live broadcast platform" Sina News   the day before, the first "2016 new generation power list" officially posted. In the selection, tiger live won the "most valuable commercial broadcast platform Award" and "the first game broadcast platform Award" two awards. As the 2016 year of the most authoritative industry specifications and selection activities, the new generation of power by the Southern Metropolis Daily with 20 domestic mainstream media and hundreds of judges’ association. Huya broadcast from the 300 domestic broadcast platform in talent shows itself not only gains the first game, broadcast platform, won the live area the most important component of the most valuable commercial broadcast platform award. Tiger live as the largest and earliest founded interactive broadcast platform, has 210 million registered users, monthly active users have been close to 100 million. Based on this, cultivate a mature live canine payment system and user pay consciousness, paying users total has more than 4 million. On the other hand, we also live teeth to promote technological innovation and content optimization, to ensure that the user experience on the basis of continuous improvement, more possibilities to expand business development. It is worth mentioning that, before the full commissioning of HTML5 tiger live broadcast technology, allowing users to enjoy the second opening live "pleasure, live teeth also become the first to enable the broadcast technology platform. The development of anchor’s remarkable skill Huya live brought together many of the world champion signing anchor and team, including the national gaming goddess Miss, promise, heroes union S4-S6 in China for three consecutive years, the first Dopa Superman gas appeal anchor Dong Xiaosa, male, Sao champion team EDG and ROX Tigers. In the recently announced "the circle game ten influential big V, tiger broadcast platform developed Sao men were also among this, let us see the tiger live powerful anchor value development ability. In fact, from the grassroots culture, mining, anchor packaging, recommended to the final form of the popular anchor, live with a tiger system and professional system, in its perfect ecological live mode, keep high efficiency in tiger live star level. On the other hand, Huya broadcast platform in helping anchor value creation has also maintained industry-leading. Octopus game released video broadcast industry top20 anchor distribution, live strong Huya locked 8 seats, and in the top10 occupy half of the country gold anchor suction billboard. Compared to other platforms, Huya live easier access to anchor high interest returns. In addition, now "live +" concept has penetrated each broadcast platform, and live as the concept of Huya pioneers have been at the forefront of the industry. Live + star live mode, Huya began to implement in December 2014. Lin Chiling, Chen He, Lim Yoona, Tang Yan and other popular stars live debut was in complete captured live tiger, all the fans praise, and lead to other live goods stations have to follow. The release of the live commercial imagination is not only the anchor in the platform and the development of the pan entertainment, is also the first in the industry to live tiger.相关的主题文章: