The National Copyright Administration banned unauthorized network dissemination year CCTV Spring

National Copyright Bureau: unauthorized network transmission monkey year CCTV Spring Festival Gala, according to the national copyright administration official website on February 4th news, the National Copyright Administration issued a notice, by CCTV authorized, CCTV network exclusive enjoy the right to spread the Spring Festival Gala in 2016. In addition to Iqiyi, unity, music and Tencent has been authorized by the CCTV network, other individuals and institutions shall not be illegal dissemination. At the same time, it is required that the copyright departments throughout the country should investigate and deal with the illegal dissemination according to law. On the prohibition of unauthorized spread through the network of CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2016, all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the copyright office, Beijing City, Tianjin City, Shanghai City, Chongqing City, the cultural market administrative law enforcement corps, the relevant video and audio, SkyDrive, social network service providers: the CCTV Spring Festival Gala is deeply people’s favorite, affecting a wide range of dissemination of cultural products. In order to maintain the 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala (hereinafter referred to as "the 2016 CCTV Gala) copyright of network communication order, we hereby notify the relevant issues as follows: certified by CCTV, CCTV International Network Limited (CNTV CCTV) exclusive through the network communication to the public" 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala "rights. In addition to Iqiyi, one (Youku potatoes), music and Tencent has been authorized by the CCTV International Network Limited institutions, any other individual and institutions may not be webcast, on-demand, download, IPTV and other forms of transmission CCTV 2016 Spring Festival gala". The SkyDrive service provider shall take effective measures to prevent illegal users to upload, store and share "2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala", and promptly accepted, to expedite the processing of human rights for the "2016 CCTV Spring Festival" notice and complaints; the social network service provider shall take effective measures to stop the spread of users sharing platform "2016 CCTV Spring Festival evening in the blog and micro-blog, podcasts and personal homepage users". The copyright administrative departments of all regions should issue the copyright early warning tips for the "CCTV 2016 Spring Festival Gala" to strengthen the supervision of copyright. For unauthorized transmission of "CCTV 2016 Spring Festival Gala" through the information network, the national copyright administration and copyright administrative organs at all levels will be investigated and dealt with according to law. Hereby notify. General Office of the State Copyright Bureau in February 4, 2016 after the news spread, many netizens misunderstood as this is "no user communication show, in this regard, Sina micro-blog official account @ micro-blog small secretary said rumor" ban users spread false news for the Spring Festival Evening Gala ": 1.2016, users can share, LETV, Youku, Iqiyi, CCTV video to micro-blog partner; 2. Micro-blog netizens’ two creation of the Spring Festival Gala related short video, as well as the Spring Festival evening discussion content can be normally spread; 3. Micro-blog will broadcast the live broadcast of the non CCTV CCTV Spring Festival Gala website; 4. All false rumors about CCTV Spring Festival Gala, micro-blog will be dealt with according to the corresponding community rules. Editor in chief: Lv Shoutian SN220

国家版权局:禁未经授权网络传播猴年央视春晚   据国家版权局官方网站2月4日消息,国家版权局发布通知,经央视授权,央视网独家享有通过网络传播2016年春晚权利。除爱奇艺、合一、乐视和腾讯等已获央视网授权外,其他任何个人和机构不得非法传播。同时还要求,各地版权部门对非法传播的依法进行行政查处。   关于禁止未经授权通过网络传播中央电视台2016年春节联欢晚会的通知   各省、自治区、直辖市版权局,北京市、天津市、上海市、重庆市文化市场行政执法总队,各相关视频、音频、网盘、社交类网络服务商:   中央电视台春节联欢晚会是深受广大人民群众喜爱、传播影响范围广泛的重要文化产品。为维护中央电视台2016年春节联欢晚会(下称“央视2016春晚”)的网络版权传播秩序,现就有关事项通知如下:   经中央电视台授权,央视国际网络有限公司(CNTV CCTV)独家享有通过网络向公众传播“央视2016春晚”的权利。除爱奇艺、合一(优酷土豆)、乐视和腾讯等已获央视国际网络有限公司授权的机构外,其他任何个人和机构不得以网络直播、点播、下载、IPTV等各种形式传播“央视2016春晚”。各网盘服务商应当采取有效措施,制止用户违法上传、存储并分享“央视2016春晚”,并及时受理、加快处理权利人针对“央视2016春晚”的通知和投诉;各社交类网络服务商应当采取有效措施,制止用户在博客、微博、播客、个人主页等用户共享平台传播“央视2016春晚”。   各地版权行政部门应当对本地区主要网络服务商发出针对“央视2016春晚”的版权预警提示,加强版权监管力度。对于未经授权通过信息网络非法传播“央视2016春晚”的,国家版权局并各级版权行政机构将依法进行行政查处。   特此通知。   国家版权局办公厅   2016年2月4日   消息传播后,很多网友误解为这是“禁止用户传播春晚”,对此,新浪微博官方帐号@微博小秘书辟谣称“禁止用户传播春晚为不实消息”:   1.2016春晚,网友可以分享央视网,乐视,优酷,爱奇艺等央视合作伙伴视频到微博;2。微博网友二次创作的春晚相关短视频,以及春晚相关讨论内容均可正常传播;3。微博会对非央视春晚授权网站的视频传播直播及时处理;4。一切有关央视春晚的不实谣言信息,微博会根据相应社区规则处理。 责任编辑:吕守田 SN220相关的主题文章: