The Mid Autumn Festival to the villagers Village nouveau riche 5 million cash 1000 per capita for 20 stellarium

The Mid Autumn Festival to the villagers Village nouveau riche 5 million cash 1000 per capita for 20 years in the police under the protection of the village cadres will cash ready, ready to dole out to the villagers. Village cadres for the villagers to provide cash yesterday, a special cash escort complete streets in Fu Shan Lu Licang district. Every year the Mid Autumn Festival, Qingdao, Henan,, the village of floating Road Street will be released as a cash for the welfare of the residents, this year is 2432 villagers issued a total of $5 million in cash. In order to safely transfer from the bank to the release site, special police station for help Fushan Village escort escort. The police dispatched to escort escort at 8:30 yesterday morning, the reporters came to the floating Mountain Road police station, 4 police escort for the ready. In order to ensure the smooth completion of escort no accident, the police deployed a police car to escort. 9 am, under the escort of the police, Henan Zhuang village cadres came to the bank counter before taking cash. After careful inventory, the village cadres will be the first batch of 2 million 500 thousand yuan into the prepared sacks. Under the escort of 4 police, the cash on the village cadres directly on the police car. Subsequently, the police driving a police car, will be delivered to the village of Henan village community service center. At this time to collect the welfare of the villagers had lined up. The village is responsible for the financial staff will cash again counted again, ready for the release of the list, in order to pay cash for the villagers. 4 police standing next to the cash, the full protection of property security. "Welfare funds mainly from the village enterprise income." Wang Xiuting, director of the Henan Village neighborhood site responsible for the payment of cash to tell a reporter, village enterprises after the restructuring, the villagers also share part of the shares, so as to provide such benefits of villagers. With the help of the police, the payment process is also more secure, increasing the sense of security of the villagers. Benefits to the villagers is the old tradition, said Wang Xiuting, the village every Spring Festival will provide benefits for the villagers, this old tradition has been more than 20 years. Prior to the general hair rice, flour, grain and other items, in recent years has become a cash. The Mid Autumn Festival Village a total of 5 million of the cash as a benefit to the village of 2432. Each villager can be divided into at least 1000 yuan, some elderly people will be divided into more benefits. Please help the police escort and cash, is the old traditional village, has nearly 10 years of time. Prior to the village committee has also discussed the issue of cash is no longer, but the money directly to the villagers bank card. But taking into account some of the villagers on the age will not use bank cards, in addition to some villagers also said that the payment of cash benefits feel more lively, more festive atmosphere. To take this opportunity to get the villagers together, chatting to enhance feelings. So this year, the village decided to continue the old tradition, or to use cash to provide benefits.相关的主题文章: