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Carnivorous animal High Beer Festival roast pork beckoning to you lead: to tell the truth, only big meat drinking wine can save seven days on the class you. Concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! If Obama beer with fried chicken give you a warm feeling, the German beer roasted pig elbow can definitely give you a big hug. In the days when the autumn wind is getting cold, let’s have a meat party without meat! The Paulaner Beer Festival October wine and meat joy every year Oktoberfest like a jietouanhao, like German beer and Bavaria pork knuckle diners will come to the Liangmaqiao Kempinski Hotel Paulaner Brauhaus, feeling here has 20 years of history of the October beer festival. Paulaner Brauhaus German beer brewing method using pure Germany’s oldest, raw materials only water, yeast, hops and malt. Fresh beer, soft white ale and thick black beer, each with a fresh beer are loyal fans. Only in the beer festival to enjoy the "October special brew", by nearly 20 years of experience in brewing wine maker Wolfgang Bea Bea traditional formula. And in October the perfect collocation special brew beer is beer festival Bavaria special delicacy. Bavaria roast pig knee feels it burnt crisp skin is the world’s most lovable fat, collocation refreshing Sheng Jin cabbage, pickled cucumbers, eat ecstasy. Wine delicacy, as well as Bavaria, Munich dance band playing beautiful girls of the traditional dance of Bavaria, High explosive atmosphere. In the beer festival to advance reservations, booking Beer Festival group package October Cuvee normal zero price; 335 yuan is not limited to drink; group reservation 10 set, 5 package price: 198 yuan each package 328 yuan per gold silver 359 yuan each business 688 yuan per person (including unlimited beer) top 795 yuan per person (including beer and beer drinking unlimited Festival souvenir) Note: all the above prices are subject to 10% surcharge and VAT address: Chaoyang District Liangmaqiao Road No. 50 Beijing Kempinski Hotel a Tel: 010-6465 3388 to 4212 time: October 13, 2016 to 30 every night at 6:30 to 11:00 seven Xiangshan Xiangshan leaves at the foot of the German taste an invigorating autumn climate season rieden Xiangshan is the capital of a tour of the red Scene seven yexiangshan let people enjoy the scenery while also eat some authentic German cuisine in West beijing. Seven leaves Xiangshan club is located between the Yuquan mountain and the Fragrant Hills, designed by the famous German designer, outdoor comfort wind and the magnificent palace inside the building fan to make this garden style restaurant. Seven leaf Fragrance Hill every year will be held in June and July, a lively Beer Festival, the day will come here is the point of the German roast pig elbow and sausage. Baked pork, with seven yexiangshan wheat beer crispy skin, with a touch of beer flavor, sour cabbage, yellow mustard Germany collocation, cream, Mashed Potato and pickled cucumbers, 6相关的主题文章: