The man approached the night female failed robbery was 2 minutes before the Sohu news veterans-ca1805

The man approached the night female failed Robbery 2 minutes before veterans – Sohu news surveillance captured the man after robbery. October 24th late at night, Nanjing, Liuhe, a young woman in the alley suffered a strange man entangled in the alley. Fortunately, two enthusiastic men alert, heard the call for help, quickly chase. The courageous Kim is a veteran, two minutes will catch robbers, and he tied the belt. 24 night 11:45, 20 year old Linda from a barber shop to eat supper night alone. In the dormitory, after an alley of Liuhe Changjiang Road, saw a man wearing masks in the corner, she was mistaken for the barber’s colleagues, just a Hello, see the other did not ignore, knowing she could make a mistake, so I continued walking and playing mobile phone. Immediately, the man wearing a mask to keep up with her and accosted: "why do you go?" See a stranger, Xiao Ling said: "I do not know you, please do not follow me". The man said, "tell me where you are at work." Xiao Ling thought met bad people, and hastened to speed up the pace. Mask man accosted not see, go around her shoulders: "help me, give some money!" "I’m going to call the police."". Mask man heard her to the police, hold her hand over her mouth and said: "don’t cry, don’t touch, or stabbed you." Linda threatened, dare not touch, mask man hard to drag her wrist wallet away, and in the direction of the run ning square. Xiao Ling shouted "robbery". At this time, from the alley after the man Kim and Zhu thought it was a couple quarrel, not seriously. When Linda cry sad, and she in the chase, they feel like a couple, and chase. Kim worked as a soldier, physical quality, two minutes to catch up with the suspect. Pray for the suspect Kim put him on a horse, and the stolen wallet threw a gold. Zhu and Linda are also catching up. In order to prevent the escape of a suspect, they will remove the robber belt, his legs tied. Soon, the police rushed to the scene of the police station to take the suspect. Currently, Wang was arrested on suspicion of robbery Liuhe police criminal detention. Xiongzhou police station is courageous Kim and Zhu declaration.相关的主题文章: