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Music Everyone loves Ellie Goulding because she is a sweet and wonderful woman, and not just that, she is also an amazing artist with a great voice. Ellie is a talented song writer and singer, and she managed to be successful after the release of her first album entitled "Lights" in 2010. People fall in love with her right away. The artist"s real name is Elena Jane Goulding and she was born in Lyonshall, in 1986. Unfortunately, her parents divorced when Ellie was only five years old. The singer loved music since she was just a child, and at the age of 14 she started writing songs and playing guitar. Ellie was also involved in the school"s theatre and later she even went to take drama course at the University of Kent. In college, the singer realized how much she liked electronic music. After two years of college she decided to take a break for a while and dedicate her time to music. Ellie really wanted to have a career in the music industry, and that is what she really wanted. So her next step was to move to London and work at her song "Wish I Stayed". In 2009 Ellie received a contract from the Polydor Records and started working at her first album. After one year the artist released the single "Under the sheets" and the song was doing pretty well. The single managed to reach No. 53 in the United Kingdom charts, and that was moderately well for a beginner. In the next period Ellie was busy with concerts and she was also promoting her forth coming album. The next singles that the artist released were "Guns and Horses" and "Wish I stayed". In the next year she was already in the attention of the critics, and they were saying that Ellie was a very promising new artist. So when Ellie finally released her debut album "Light", it was a huge success, and reached No. 1 on the United Kingdom Albums chart. The singer released in the next period the EP called "Run into the Light", and it contained some remixes of the songs in "Lights". Ellie decided to release "Lights" with another six more songs. The album was now named "Bright Lights" and it even contained a cover for "Your song". She even had a spectacular performance at the iTunes Festival in 2010. In 2011, E Ellie Goulding was the one who was nominated for the Best British Female and also for the Best British Breakthrough. Unfortunately she didn"t won any of them. After she came back from the European tour, Ellie started to think about ways to break the United States market. So she performed at the popular TV Show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in 2011 and she re-released the album in the United States. Ellie was the one who singed for the Prince William on his royal wedding. The song that Ellie performed was "Your song". The artist declared that it was a big honor for her to be there and sing for the Prince. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: