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The knight guard line against Erwin for brain concussion or absence Opener –   sports Sohu; Beijing on October 23rd news, reporting from ESPN, the Cavaliers officially announced that backup guard Kay feld in training on Saturday had been hit in the head. According to the relevant provisions of NBA, other need to accept the concussion, only through to continue training and play. The October 26th season opener, the Cavaliers will lead the team home court against Nicks. Cavaliers side said that Field is not sure whether it will be able to comeback, they will announce on Tuesday morning local time. This is not good news for the Cavaliers, because the team’s point guard depth is not deep. The offseason, Matthew turned to his Delaweiduowa bucks. As for Mo Williams, but before accepting left knee surgery, also retired choice, but the problem is, he still holds a number of regular season. That is to say, if the field can not play, the Cavaliers real point guard Erwin – only Kaili people. It is pointed out that Cleveland is actively selling small Mo, hoping to strengthen the depth of control points. The draft, the Cavaliers overall pick from the Oakland University in the second round of the fifty-fourth field. At the age of 21, a total of field for the Cavaliers played 6 preseason games, averaging 22.3 minutes, 8.8 points and 3.7 assists over 2.2 rebounds. On the other hand, the Cavaliers announced the removal of John – Hollander. As a result, the total number of teams on the list is 16. This means that the new season regular season, the Cavaliers also need to cut 1. Informed sources, in addition to the small shelves, Cleveland is also open to trade Jordan Mccrea. As the defending champion, the Cavaliers this season is still the goal of the championship. (Jim)相关的主题文章: