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Photography Whats the worst thing about wedding photography? Wedding photography prices. It seems any novice with a camera and a bow tie can charge the earth for a set of pictures that are going to end up looking like everyone elses wedding snaps and then hit the happy couple with a bill for another few hundred quid for printing and mounting the darn things. Well, fortunately for the masses if not for the shutterbugs themselves change is coming: and its coming through that modern vessel of all change, the Internet. Theres a new type of wedding photography in town and a new set of wedding photography prices to go with it. The sensational thing about this new school wedding snaps initiative is the tiny hit it gives even the most pinched of wallets a mere 109 for the full works. Compare that to the cheapest offer a person can find from a pro wedding photographer. How it works is like this: rather than getting some dude in a bad suit to line everyone up and yell at them, a person just lets all their friends and family snap away with their digital cameras/phones or whatever else theyre using these days to commit images to a memory card. Then they purchase an online photo-box, into which all the photos are uploaded. Hence the cheap wedding photography prices because theres no person to pay, and no expensive equipment to maintain. Once the pictures are in their online box, the happy couple (who are granted administrator rights by the company selling the program a rather innovative lot called Shoebox360) can pick and choose which to keep and which to discard. The great thing about this photo box idea is that it lets everyone involved in the day become a part of its memorial. In other words rather than paying stupid wedding photography prices for a frankly rather cold record of ones big day, the couple pays a lot less and gets everyone involved. This creates a living, breathing record of their union to be enjoyed by all. Thats right by all. These photo boxes allow everyone who is given a password (so everyone at the wedding) to visit, post comments and so on like the social networking sites were all so familiar with. That means that the memorial of the big day is really a living thing: a constantly evolving document, with memories and multiple takes on the same thing forming a part of the album. For these kinds of wedding photography prices, thats a service that really cant be beaten. At the end of the photo boxs tenure, the couple can still print their choice shots in traditional style but theyll have had a whole years worth of group remembering thrown into the bargain. Somehow, one suspects this is the future of all event photography: its just taken those clever folks at Shoebox360 to see it first. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: