The installation of oil tanker two pirates of the opportunity to check the traffic police abandoned

The car equipped with two tank oil stolen our opportunities the traffic police to check the abandoned car to escape the original title: the case of the traffic police to check the driver abandoned the vehicle and fled the Chinese daily news (reporter correspondent He Qiuping Yang Yiting) for the theft of selling oil, criminals SUV and van internal transformation and add oil, diesel oil theft trafficking. Recently, two vehicles by the transformation of the vehicle was illegally disguised Huangling County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron seized Traffic and patrol police head shop. In November 4th 9, Huangling County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade command center found in search control, a license plate number for the Shaanxi J× × × 5 white MITSUBISHI SUV for other decks, a license plate number for the Shaanxi J× × × 8 smooth white Wuling chartered overdue inspection. Two cars by the West high-speed Huangling West, from long bayonet went to the shop head. Shop head Traffic and Patrol Police Brigade squadron received a search control instruction, immediately arrange for police intercept control. The brigade command center for verification, this two car several times through the long bayonet, but they did not go to the shop near the head direction, in the activities of Ping Tian cun. According to the feedback of the command center, Nagata Norihira immediately deployed a squadron of police patrol group in the intercept point and continues to set up two sets of instructions dispatched police to patrol long bayonet, along the investigation to find the two cars. On the same day at 9:20 PM, two patrol police investigation into the Huangling County Ping day village near the gas station, found an SUV and a van on the roadside stay. Just when the police came to check for parking, fled the two car driver abandoned the vehicle and opened the door to the side of the road slopes of the forest. Police immediately checked two vehicles involved vehicles, off-road vehicles inside the rear seat that white has been removed, the installation of a 170CM× 130CM× 100CM; iron tank and professional pipeline is arranged in the tank part of the finished diesel; another white van also removed the rear seats, with a two m long circular plastic water tank, water tank and diesel oil. According to the scene, police preliminary judgment, these two cars should be suspected of stealing selling crude oil or refined diesel, otherwise the car driver abandoned the vehicle and fled. At present, two vehicles involved in vehicles have been withheld, the case has been transferred to the relevant departments of the investigation and handling. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: