The impoverished village of Gannan plateau and flowers 1 days past income is mu 8 years new network

The impoverished village of Gannan plateau and flowers 1 days past income is mu 8 years – Beijing new network in Gannan in August 26, (Shi Jingjing) along the road from Lanzhou to the Tibetan institutions of Labuleng temple, there is a beautiful purple "" flowers "in the wind shook a race? Open, past visitors stop watch. "This garden day income equivalent to 8 years of my past". Speaking under the change of life, Gannan rural village of Xiahe barley white civilization couldn’t help grinning smile. Bai Wenming’s barley township has 3912 people, only poor households have 1213 people, is one of the most famous local township. Bai Wenming said that his previous income depends mainly on in barley barley based planting stone village township. "A mu of barley yield of more than and 300 kg, a year income of only 300 yuan". In recent months, this small village has been a fire. This year, the use of stone village is located along the highway traffic advantages, focused on the cultivation of more than 100 acres of plateau chrysanthemum, to create a sea of flowers". Each visitor tickets 5 yuan, at a time when the tourist season, tourists stampede in. Pictured visitors in the display in the photo. Shi Jingjing photo "a day’s income is worth farming for eight years". 26, the rotating tickets white civilization Qiazhao years of toil and become rough hands, to Beijing reporters calculations, at present the most tourists to more than and 500 people, 5 yuan of 1 people, 1 of the best days of income to 2000 yuan. Turn the land of flowers this rich idea, from Gansu province Industrial and Commercial Bureau joint household village cadres. Industrial and Commercial Bureau the popularity of the concept of new financial poverty alleviation for the local villagers, this year nearly 100 thousand yuan of special funds allocated for the purchase of seeds, planting plateau chrysanthemum, a kind of "double" flowers test. Acres of "rich flower" by the local villagers jointly responsible for cultivating, take turns to collect the tickets, take income equally. Although the villagers near the ticket is huge, but the villagers have agreed, at present no dividends, will be a total of 3 years to expand the planting area of the ticket income. The picture shows the visitors to enjoy the plateau chrysanthemum. Shi Jingjing photo now, tasted the sweetness of the villagers are eager to "non flowers", "rich in flower" around the industry, change the "heaven" tradition. Gansu province also plans to Industrial and Commercial Bureau helping local people in the flowers around the expansion of parking lot, built the farmhouse, let the villagers pocketbook drum up. Gansu province Industrial and Commercial Bureau as Xiahe double action lead unit in guiding farmers to plant chrysanthemum plateau rich, for poor people to focus on the development of culture and tourism industry projects two. Starting from the change of herdsmen ideas, helping the Xiahe yak and Tibetan sheep breeding system construction projects; organize and carry out the "hundred enterprises in Xiahe" investment activities, 126 enterprises to Xiahe inspection, the implementation of project funds 16 million 250 thousand yuan. "Blood transfusion" and "blood", accelerate the process of poverty alleviation in xiahe. Local farmers once flowers "just Gansu province" village households, as a microcosm of enriching the people ". In February 2012, Gansu initiated the "village households", about 400000 cadres stationed in)相关的主题文章: