The Hongkong school children’s anxiety and youth agency says the number one stress is due to a lot o-roselip

Hongkong young students anxiety says top pressure comes from the amount of homework – Beijing, Beijing, October 9 Xinhua Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily" reported that Hongkong schoolchildren learning pressure. A comparison of counseling agencies over the past four years, Hongkong mistress to six students in coping with stress and anxiety index, the anxiety index rose by eight percent, showing children anxiety tendency increasingly high, with the most obvious anxiety students are young mistress; trend. The top students in institutions refers to the source of pressure and worried about the amount of homework, the result is not ideal, suggested that schools and parents give more space for children decompression. Hongkong Yang Zhen Methodist Social Service family health education and counselling centre over the past four years in the form of questionnaire interview about six thousand mistress to six students, found the pupils anxiety index by 2012 year of 30.4 points, 32.3 points, an increase of 8% to 2015 school year, students with Mistress anxiety tendency was the highest, 34.5 branch. Zhao Yili, director of the center for the organization, said the school year anxiety index was slightly lower than the previous year, but the situation is still worthy of attention. Most new year survey interviewed from the ten primary school pupils in Hongkong about three thousand students, found that anxiety tendency of younger, most anxiety grade by four years before the fourth grade, to the third grade, Zhao Yili quoted many teachers to reflect students’ anxiety mistress significantly, and the number one source of stress analysis refers to the children is that the result is not ideal or worse will be the parent or teacher scolded, followed by a huge amount of homework, "feel very do do, the pupils’ work ‘more and more, the lack of rest and decompression time." Students often have to complete homework and catch a child". The students attending the fifth Tan, said they had failed because of concerns about test anxiety, frankly hope parents accept his bad grades, he also revealed his daily average of eight kind of homework this weekend, as many as twelve kind of homework, "do not worry about, afraid of missing do homework, too much chaos." He bluntly at the same time to take into account the interest class good hard". The same school classmate Chen also had five more homework to headaches, insomnia, "do not be afraid of the lessons, the curse, if you can choose, two to zero by common consent". Zhao Yili would like to see the school began to carry out the "no homework day" and other measures to reduce the amount of homework, help students and parents decompression.相关的主题文章: