The headmaster of Wuhan Qingchuan college women Weijia debut pushing go culture-ca1816

The headmaster of Wuhan Qingchuan college women Weijia debut: pushing go culture Wuhan Qingchuan college president Wang Bin and the player guest photo (correspondent Xue Xiaoqing) a mysterious black and white endless, heaven and earth. In October 13th, sponsored by the Chinese Weiqi Association fourth session of the "CITIC Real Estate cup China chess League thirteenth round match against Wuhan in Qingchuan College (formerly Wuhan University Luojia College) Harding park. Before the start, Wuhan Qingchuan college president Professor Wang Bin met with the two players, they hope to match the style of game of friendship, match the level, and contribute to the promotion of chess culture. President Wang Bin for the players refueling 10:30 am, the official start of the game. The two sides in 6 hours, the game has been a stalemate. Toward the end of the game, Wuhan Qingchuan college team a careless, missed the win, finally narrowly lost the 2 and a half of the two, Hanfu Hunan friendship Appollo team. Wang Bin president believes that the game contains a rich national cultural connotations, is the embodiment of Chinese culture and civilization. The school relies on Hubei province Chess Association, the formation of the country’s first female college chess league team, aims to promote cultural Ancient Chinese Literature Search go by, the continuation of Wu culture, to create distinctive campus culture. Wuhan Qingchuan college students must have learned more, EQ outstanding traits; vigorously promote the school go culture, is to cultivate students’ unremittingly spirit, establish "keep faith, rigorous attitude, enhance the ability of global insight, and learn from that wisdom". President Wang Bin told reporters. In the afternoon, from the school sunny chess club nearly a hundred go lovers gathered to listen to the Standing Committee of the Chinese Go Association, the Secretary General of the association of Hubei province Ruan Yunsheng on the hang up game to explain. "Feel very lucky to watch my chess master!" Sunny chess club president, 2015 logistics management professional Zhao crane students excitedly said, "it is the support of the school of chess activities, further strengthened our confidence in the promotion of chess." Lu Jia against Wang Xiangyun Ye Gui against Wang Shuang Hubei daily, Changjiang Daily, Chutian Metropolis Daily, Wuhan evening news, Chu Tianjin, China, intelligence network, nearly ten sports network and other media reported on the event. The results of the Wuhan Qingchuan school team 0 than 2 negative Hunan friendship team Appollo (black) Lu Jia two negative (white) three Wang Xiangyun (white) leaves Guiwu negative (black) two Wang Shuang相关的主题文章: