The garrison armed siege drills for non official Hong Kong independence-synnex

The garrison armed siege drills: non official in Hong Kong Independence original title: garrison drill campaign is not aimed at Hong Kong Independence armed forces [military] global network reported in November 1st the PLA Hong Kong Garrison held in October 31st "in Tuen Mun River guards — 2016D exercise. Tian Beichen, who was invited to visit the National People’s Congress, believes that the exercise is not directed at the Hong Kong Independence forces. With the red flare, joint military exercises at 10:30 on October 31st. The exercise simulated militants established a secret camp in Hongkong castle, in an attempt to camp as a stronghold to Hong Kong for seepage failure. According to the army command, execution and clearing camp tasks against militants. The participating troops including armored force, special forces, anti chemical warfare and motorized infantry; exercise equipment, army armored vehicles, helicopters, mortars, anti tank rocket etc.. The armed helicopter first DaTouZhen, aerial reconnaissance of enemy positions, and then simulate the use of naval make long-range attacks in the distance; after a missile attack helicopter. Overall suppression of high-altitude fire, ground troops began pressing attack, armored vehicles with a mortar attack at the foot of the location of the "enemy", and then a smoke cover of each shells are accompanied by deafening sound, hit the target four or five kilometers away. Hongkong Oriental Daily News, said the whole exercise lasted 45 minutes, the scale is smaller than last year, but to join the surrender, that the ground forces to grab points, according to the main, sent helicopters and ambulances to rescue wounded soldiers. The people’s Liberation Army to the enemy surrender about 3 soldiers to surrender, then they searched and taken away; the rest did not surrender to the enemy, the soldiers were fully exterminated. Reported, deputy director of the liaison office Yang Jianping, MFA Song Zhe and Hongkong more than every disciplined chief watched the exercises. The Garrison for second consecutive years to open Hong Kong media shooting exercises. Tian Beichen, said the exercise is not aimed at Hong Kong Independence forces, we do not read too much decomposition. He agreed with the garrison regular exercises, let people understand the country’s military strength, contribute to the enhancement of national identity. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: