The first high-speed service area of Huanggang miniature fire station was completed and put into

Huanggang’s first high-speed service area micro fire station built and put into use to effectively carry out fire safety service area of expressway service area, effectively enhance the ability of fire-fighting and rescue dispatched, after construction for more than 1 months. The miniature fire recently built and put into use station in Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed service area of Qichun, Huanggang city to become the first expressway service area miniature fire station. After the completion of the Qichun service area micro fire station, neatly placed fire extinguishers, protective clothing, hose, water guns, strong lights and other professional fire equipment. The service area also selects a group of people with better physical fitness as firefighters, and organizes them to carry out fire skills training, so that they can master the equipment performance and operation methods, improve the ability to deal with accidents. During the construction of Shi Xin vice captains and Qichun brigade personnel repeatedly into the service area of Qichun, the person in charge of communication with the service area, and from the site set up personnel equipped with fire accident disposal and Countermeasures of joint logistics linkage mechanism to guide the operation and other aspects of Micro Fire Station construction. In recent years, with the rapid development of the highway in Huanggang City, Huanggang City, the total highway mileage has exceeded 700 km, ranking first in the province, consisting of Shanghai and Chongqing, Fuzhou Yinchuan, Shanghai Chengdu, Daguang Wu Ying, Huang, Hubei, Ma Wu, Ma Zhu Highway 8 "three vertical and three horizontal two alliance" the basic form of the highway network, and brought the frequent highway traffic accidents and fire accidents, causing casualties and property losses and traffic jams, and public security fire brigade station, insufficient protection area is too large, it is far away from the scene, not the scene disposal in effective time, in view of this situation, Huanggang detachment based on the previous research, and actively explore the expressway service area, relying on the toll station set up a full-time fire brigade or micro fire station, equipped with the appropriate personnel, vehicles, equipment, a Once a car fire or traffic accidents and other emergencies, the first time out, shorten the rescue disposal time. It is reported that Huanggang City area a total of 10 service areas, including Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed 3 Shanghai, Hubei 3, Mayang high-speed high-speed 2 wide high-speed, 1, blessing silver high speed 1, the next step Huanggang detachment will gradually promote the service area of a full-time fire brigade or micro fire station construction, high-speed road fire power network coverage. For more information, please focus on WeChat subscriptions in great Huanggang