The first half report Hengda Luneng Liao Lisheng co 2-0 GalAT Jiangong-oboni

The first half report: Hengda Luneng Liao Lisheng co 2-0 GalAT Jiangong Tencent in Beijing in October 30th 2016 sports time 19:35 in the thirtieth round against Shandong Luneng, Guangzhou Hengda home court. The first half of the game, Guangzhou Hengda 2-0 lead with eleventh minutes, twenty-first minutes to break the deadlock GalAT, Liao Lisheng build. Hengda first half 2-0 Luneng fourth minutes Alan ball into the box, then his volley was Wang Dalei to block the ball out. Zheng Long corner kick into the box, Alan Tuscans shakes Leipzig, the ball was headed. Ninth minutes Wu Xinghan shots from outside the area to create a threat, but the ball slightly deflected. Eleventh minutes Zheng Long right in front of the threat of transportation, outflanking GalAT Tuscans shakes Leipzig succeeded, Hengda 1-0 lead. Eighteenth minutes Hengda conveying a long pass, Alan got the ball inside the box, but then he chose to lob position in the gate line rescue was a missed opportunity. Liao Lisheng and Alan with twenty-first minutes, then Liao Lisheng volley the ball into the box, break, Hengda to expand the advantages of 2-0. Twenty-sixth minutes Wang Shangyuan will transport ball into the box, Chen Zepeng got the ball volley ball. Thirty-third minutes Hao Junmin transfer threat straight ball, but the defensive player directly destroyed. Fortieth minutes Zhang Wenzhao transfer threat, the goalkeeper will easily get the ball. Guangzhou Hengda (4-2-3-1): goalkeepers: 32- Liu Dianzuo; 36-, 3-: Chen Zepeng defender Mei fang, 6- Feng Xiaoting, 12- Wang Shangyuan, 10- Zheng Zhi, 8-; midfielder: Paulino; avant-garde: 27- Zheng Long (14 ‘Zhang Wenzhao 15-, 11-, 2-) GalAT Liao Lisheng; 7- Alan; Shandong Luneng striker: (4-4-2): Edwin 25- Wang Dalei; defenders: 31- dragon, 4- Gil, 6- song Ruxilai, 2- Zhao Mingjian; 17- Wu Xinghan, midfielder: 14- Tong Wang, 3- Li Songyi, Hao Junmin 22- (data); 7-, 18-: striker Pelle cisse;相关的主题文章: